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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 14 December 2015

* An AI algorithm can draw letters as well as a human >>
* Watch a police drone in Tokyo intercept other drones with a huge net >>

* Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and others are committing $1 billion to OpenAI to ensure Artificial Intelligence benefits humanity >>
* Pee-powered socks generate emergency electricity >>
* MIT created the smart home app of the future >>

* Japan will build India’s first high-speed rail link >>
* India running out of groundwater in some areas as India sucks half of the volume of Lake Erie every year >>
* Webtorrent Brings Bittorrent To The Web, Impresses Netflix >>

* Why Haven’t the Arms of Spiral Galaxies Wound Up After All This Time? >>
* NASA releases an even closer look at Pluto’s heart >>

* Volkswagen teases all-electric microbus concept ahead of CES debut >>
* ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Disney 3.0 Will Have 6-8 Hours of Story >>
* The Future Of The Internet Will Be Discussed In New York, Next Week. But Nobody Seems To Care >>

* ‘Battlezone’ Finds Fitting Home In Virtual Reality >>
* Revenge Of The Couch Potatoes: TV Viewing Heads Back To The Living Room >>
* Millennials, Gen X To Rule Our Digital Future >>

* MIT Creates Tor Alternative That Floods Networks With Fake Data >>
* What Google Sees In Augmented Reality >>
* Jaguar engineer: A mishap with Tesla’s Autopilot could set back self-driving cars by a decade >>

* Microsoft gives Windows 10 users 10 free, full music albums for the holidays >>
* Netflix has 31 original shows planned for 2016 >>

* Wearable microbial power plants generate electricity from urine >>
* A Learning Advance in Artificial Intelligence Rivals Human Abilities >>
* Future of ultra-energy-efficient vehicles >>

* Your Oven is Lying to You >>
* How often should I wash my hair? Personal care experts answer in Reddit AMA >>

* New cancer treatment kills prostate tumor cells >>
* New software uses words, gestures to detect lies >>
* This 78-page book on physics is selling more copies than ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ >>

* TV viewers say this is the best Christmas advert >>
* Scientists have performed the first full-scale genome analysis of the Ebola virus >>
* Vehicle Safety Ratings Will Soon Include Marks for Crash Avoidance Tech >>

* Nanopillars Are Becoming the New Black in Photovoltaics >>
* NIST Unveils “All-in-One” Robotic Millimeter-Wave Antenna Test Facility >>
* Billion-Dollar Non-Profit AI Research Lab to Open in San Francisco >>

* Billionaire Says Tech Will Kill White-Collar Jobs so he gathers rich and powerful at Palm Beach resort to talk about it >>
* Bandage Signals Infection by Turning Fluorescent >>
* A Billion-Dollar Effort to Make a Kinder AI >>

* Worm research in life extension leads scientists to discover new metric to track aging >>
* Periodic table of protein complexes helps predict novel protein structures >>
* Catching Up with Dawn at Ceres >>

* When Machines Learn Like Humans –“Our Last Great Invention?” >>
* Skyscraper computers chips outperform conventional by 1000 times >>
* What If We Get Direct Matter To Energy 1: The Helium Bomb >>

* Feature: Germany fires up bizarre new fusion reactor >>
* Elon Musk Snags Top Google Researcher for New AI Non-Profit >>

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