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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 9 December 2015

* This Tiny Wireless Temperature Sensor Is Powered Only By Radio Waves >>
* World’s First Ibuprofen Patch Can Relieve Pain for 12 Hours Straight >>
* Nasa: We’re Leaving The Space Station To The Private Sector >>

* Emotech Is Building Olly, A Robot Assistant With Personality >>
* What’s Hard About Space Robotics? It’s Not Just the Technology, Industry Leaders Say >>

* Lockheed’s Drones Cooperate to Autonomously Put Out Fires >>
* ‘Nanobombs’ that blow up cancer cells >>

* How robots can learn from babies >>
* As the worm turns: research tracks how an embryo’s brain is assembled >>
* How Old Is Too Old for a Nuclear Reactor? >>

* How will Artificial Intelligence Change our Economic Future? >>
* Engineered Protein dramatically cut down on gene editing errors to pave way for human applications >>
* Icelandic Legends and Aurora >>

* Watch the first aerial test of the F-35’s gatling gun >>
* Use your Xbox One to try on clothes at home >>

* The Future Will Be Written in Code >>
* Google Life Sciences transforms into Alphabet spinoff Verily >>
* Galaxy S7 Leak Reveals Massive New Smartphone >>

* The Future Of Driving? Combining The Driverless Car With Mind Control, Chinese Researchers Say >>
* Streaming Video Is 70 Percent of Broadband Use >>
* Google Authenticator takes security codes from your smartwatch >>

* ‘Back to the Future II’ self-drying jacket looks fly on Kickstarter >>
* Virtuality Reality And The Future Of Music >>
* Dinosaurs Evolved in a Startlingly Short Time >>

* IBM to develop hardware to wipe out errors in quantum computing >>
* The Faucet of the Future Washes Dishes Without Soap >>

* Google Life Sciences now called Verily >>
* ‘Built 225km away, Stonehenge was relocated 500 yrs later’ >>
* Oxford scientists create most expensive material in the world, valued at £200 million a gram >>

* Developed: Thin ‘power paper’ that can store energy >>
* Image Shows How Dolphins See People >>
* US Air Force’s X-37B Space Plane Wings Past 200 Days in Orbit >>

* Small Tweaks to Its Recipe and “White Graphene” Could Change Electronics >>
* Smartphone Keyboard Teaches While You Text >>
* DARPA’s Squad X program is working to increase human and machine collaboration to push squad lethality to a larger battlespace >>

* Canny Robot Rocks Out to Audio Programming >>
* Fitting Old Cars With New Robotech >>

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