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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 8 December 2015

* Possible biochemical mechanism underlying long-term memories identified >>
* Laser camera can track hidden moving objects around corners >>
* Microbubbles Focus Laser Beams Inside The Body >>

* Gene Editing Won’t Work on Complex Traits Like Intelligence >>
* PlayStation VR is a few games away from being ready for prime time >>

* Internet-connected Hello Barbie doll can be hacked >>
* 11 sci-fi TV shows that never got a chance to shine >>
* Ruthlessly Efficient Trap Proves Mice Are Dumb >>

* First direct evidence for synaptic plasticity in fruit fly brain >>
* Scientists confirm origin of Stonehenge bluestones >>

* Verizon’s Bringing Wi-Fi Calling To Select Samsung Phones Next Week, iPhones “Early Next Year” >>
* World’s Fastest Dna Motor Doesn’t Walk. It Rolls >>

* These are the Star Wars toys you’re looking for >>
* World’s first biologically powered chip created >>
* Astrosat’s first light image from UV telescope reaches Earth >>

* Netflix will double its output of original shows to 31 next year >>
* Parts of Beijing shut down in first-ever smog ‘red alert’ >>
* How biotech tattoos will turn you into a quantifiable canvas >>

* Wireless charging of up to eight devices simultaneously with 8000 tiny antennas >>
* DARPA seeks to reduce custom chip design by 10 times to a few months >>
* Meet the Japanese robots that do what humans can’t >>

* Longer Life in a Pill May Already Be Available at Your Local Drug Store >>
* NASA: Probing Strange New Worlds Beyond Pluto >>

* Japanese Spacecraft Gets 2nd Chance at Venus Today >>
* LPP Fusion should be ready for nuclear fusion energy experiments that hopefully eliminate contamination problem by the end of December >>
* Camera That Tracks Hidden Moving Objects Could Aid Rescue Missions and Avoid Vehicle Collisions >>

* If China catches up to South Koreas Robot density then China would have 11 million industrial robots >>
* The potential 100 year life of the B52 bomber and the history of attempted replacements >>
* How Do You Test a Plutonium-Powered Spacecraft? Very Carefully. >>

* These Are The Best Photos Of Pluto Any Human Has Ever Seen >>
* Why the World’s Most Powerful Telescope Has Just Been Ruled Unlawful >>
* Best of What’s New 2015 >>

* Why you should turn off your PC, laptop, modem, router, and other tech routinely >>

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