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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 6 December 2015

* Japanese researchers created holograms you can touch >>
* Junk-Eating Rocket Engine Could Clear Space Debris >>

* 3D Printers Can Now Churn Out “Living” Blood Vessels >>
* All Gene-Editing Research Should Proceed Cautiously, Scientists Conclude >>

* Thinking robots become experts in 8 hours >>
* A planned factory for cloning a million cows by 2020 >>
* How Blue Tarantulas Could Improve Screens for TVs, Phones, and Computers >>

* Light-scattering Nanoparticles Could Lead to Invisbility Cloaks and Smaller Optical Antennas >>
* New Horizons’ First Ultra High Resolution Photos of Pluto Released >>
* Supercharged system aims to make robots learn faster than ever >>

* Microsoft’s futuristic headset makes for some pretty incredible home movies >>
* A Harvard professor says he can cure aging, but is that a good idea? >>
* Nearly Half of All Jobs in Japan Could Be Done by Robots, AI: Report >>

* A Glimpse At Tomorrow’s Electromagnetic Spectrum Weapons >>
* Materials scientists learn how mother of pearl is made >>
* Nano-walkers take speedy leap forward with first rolling DNA-based motor >>

* Artificial Intelligence Ethics a New Focus at Cambridge University >>
* The Universe is Dying? Now What? >>
* Intel Talks Thunderbolt 3 >>

* Laser-Induced Graphene Looks to Displace Batteries With Supercapacitors >>
* Smart Bandage Signals Infection by Turning Fluorescent >>
* A Search Engine for the Internet’s Dirty Secrets >>

* Personal choice and actions on life extension and genetic engineering for cognitive, performance enhancement of life extension >>
* Video Friday: Robot With Axe, Drone With Claw, and Droid With Kittens >>
* How Facebook’s AI Researchers Built a Game-Changing Go Engine >>

* Robots Could Learn The Same Way Babies Do >>
* Watch Technicians Take Apart And Rebuild A U-2 Spy Plane >>
* This Distant Galaxy Appeared Just 400 Million Years After the Big Bang >>

* We Rode In The Car Astronauts Could Drive On Mars >>
* The Irresistible Beauty Of Xenoblade Chronicles X >>
* 3D Printers Can Now Churn Out “Living” Blood Vessels >>

* The Secret To Swimming Like A Jellyfish? Pull, Don’t Push >>
* Can A Smarter Gun Prevent A Massacre? >>
* A Trash-Munching Robot Could Turn Space Junk Into Propulsion >>

* Genetically Modified Fish Approved For Dinner Tables >>
* Scientists Have Turned Gum Into a Carbon Nanotube-Loaded Sensor >>
* Fermilab Experiment Finds No Evidence That We Live in a Hologram >>

* Scientists Support Research On Gene Editing Of Human Embryos >>
* Will Technology Progress Enough Over The Next Billion Years to Save Us From The Dying Sun? >>
* SpaceX is about to try something very different with its self-landing rocket >>

* Google Files Patent for Surgical Laser Technology >>
* 5G Idea Opens IoT Horizons; A “beauty contest” for coding schemes >>
* 3D Printed Bionic Arm Takes Center Stage at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fashion Show >>

* Autodesk will bring digital designs into the real world with Microsoft’s HoloLens >>
* ‘Gene repair’ could be tested on people in 2017 >>
* This Bandage Glows Green When You’re Infected >>

* Microsoft Research 2016 predictions: More online video, new processor tech >>
* Graphene Shows Promise For Super Strong Dental Fillings >>

* This War On Math Is Bullshit >>
* Take a Visual Tour of CyberKnife Radiosurgery >>
* Robots expected to run half of Japan by 2035 >>

* The Mobile Force Awakens: Predicting a Year of Chaos in 2016 >>
* Microsoft’s HoloLens will make us forget screens were ever a thing >>
* Virtual Reality Gets Real >>

* As Aging Population Grows, So Do Robotic Health Aides >>
* Scientists Seek Moratorium on Edits to Human Genome That Could Be Inherited >>
* Data Storage on DNA Can Keep It Safe for Centuries >>

* Scientists find route to tuberculosis cure? >>
* Created: New substance harder than diamond >>
* ‘phantom Menace’ Superbug Kills Half Of Infected, And Is Threatening To Spread >>

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