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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 2 December 2015

* Apple has a new patent for a projector that uses augmented reality >>
* Beijing’s air pollution is so bad a man made a ‘smog brick’ out of it >>
* Microsoft laid off 30 people working on HoloLens in Israel >>

* Artificial Intelligence Called In to Tackle LHC Data Deluge >>
* Looking back 3.8 billion years into the root of the ‘Tree of Life’ >>
* Genetically Modifying Mosquitoes to Be Malaria-Resistant >>

* When Your Boss Is an Uber Algorithm >>
* Wearable Tech Expo 2016 >>
* ‘Invisible wires’ could improve solar-cell efficiency >>

* Artificial Intelligence Aims to Make Wikipedia Friendlier and Better >>
* IoT Evolution Expo >>
* Why Solar Power Could Hit a Ceiling >>

* A DIY Water-Usage Monitor >>
* ‘gabriel’ Is A New Artificial Intelligence Named After The Messenger Angel >>
* MIT Figured Out How to Make Cheap 3D Scanners 1,000 Times Better >>

* A Fleet of Custom Machines Is Outfitting London’s New Subway >>
* Nokia’s Ozo Is a $60,000 Camera For Capturing VR >>

* A Clever 3D Printer Fixes Printing Mistakes Instead of Starting Again From Scratch >>
* PeopleSpark Wants To Breathe New Life Into The Dreaded Performance Review >>
* The Inside Story on Wearable Electronics >>

* China Railway group wins contract for Belgrade to Serbia high speed rail >>
* Brain-like machines offer hope >>

* Biologists Create More Precise Molecular Scissors for Genome Editing >>
* Quantum Gravity in Flatland >>

* Super Powerful X-Ray Laser Boils Atoms in Molecules and Explodes Living Cells–All in the Name of Science >>
* Deep Learning Is the A.I. Breakthrough We’ve Been Waiting For >>

* This Week, World Summit On Altering Human Genes Explores Ethical Limits >>
* Lessons From Cellphones on Distribution of Wealth >>
* Inside a robot-driven Amazon fulfillment center >>

* Scientists debate boundaries, ethics of human gene editing >>
* Build own video game story with this ‘tool’ >>
* Could N-plants function for 80 yrs? US to decide >>

* How a Breast Cancer Gene May Affect Alzheimer’s >>
* New Flow Battery Ups Storage Capacity by Factor of Ten >>
* Smartphone Gadget Makes Old Cars Smart >>

* The Emperor Has No Clothes: Socrates Deconstructs Singularity University >>
* Scans prove there’s no such thing as a ‘male’ or ‘female’ brain >>
* Habitable Planets in the Same System >>

* The Catalyst That Triggered the Evolution of Complex Life on Earth >>
* ‘Heart’ of NASA’s Orion Spacecraft to Undergo Stress Tests >>
* Orion Gets Beefed Up, Silver-Metallic Thermal Protection Coating for Next Flight on EM-1 >>

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