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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 30 November 2015

* Startup Humai targets uploading human minds within 30 years >>
* Breaking Down Billion-Dollar AR/VR Investment In The Last 12 Months >>
* How to (Really) Engineer a Human Baby >>

* Hyperloop one mile test track targets mid-2016 and hyperloop pod competition >>
* Gillmor Gang: More Gravy >>
* Overview of regenerative dentistry and stem cells for dental applications >>

* Refrigerating liquids with a laser >>
* “Dismissing 500 Billion Galaxies” –The Extraterrestrial-Life ‘Probability’ Debate (Holiday Weekend Feature) >>
* NASA’s New ‘Star Trek’ Tech Is Designed to Detect Alien Life >>

* Will We Stop at Mars? >>
* Editing sperm stem cells could be the safest approach to genetically editing humans >>
* Biomedical imaging at one-thousandth the cost using mathematical modeling and a cheap sensor >>

* China has a successful sixth hypersonic glide vehicle test >>
* The Future of The Brain: Essays by the World’s Leading Neuroscientists >>
* SpaceX’s Launch Escape System Looks Totally Badass >>

* Swarm Robotics Breakthrough Brings Pheromone Communication To AI >>
* Peter Thiel: We Need a New Atomic Age >>

* Mind-Control Bacteria Stop You Eating Too Much >>
* ‘Spencer’ the robot is here to help guide lost airline passengers >>
* VPN bug poses privacy threat to BitTorrent downloaders >>

* The Black Hole at the Beginning of Time >>
* 6 futuristic tech gifts for under $500 >>

* IBM’s Supercomputer Knows What Your Kids Want >>
* Top 10 tech innovations of 2015: Graham’s list >>

* The Latest Trend Among Biohackers Is Implanting LED Lights Beneath Your Skin >>
* Will Our Descendants Survive the Destruction of the Universe? >>
* Google patent reveals how its self-driving cars may communicate with pedestrians >>

* IBM Watson tries to predict the biggest holiday shopping trends >>
* Quantum computers: a time-travelling boost >>
* Bugs as Drugs: Seeking the Microbial Secret to Health >>

* Goodbye Dialysis: Nanotechnology Used to Make Artificial Kidney >>
* Li-Fi Probably Won’t Be The New Wi-Fi For Most People >>
* New Type of ‘Flow Battery’ Can Store 10 Times the Energy of the Next Best Device >>

* GoTenna Keeps Your Cell Phone Connected, Even When You Don’t Have Cell Service >>
* Don’t Compare Blue Origin’s Success to SpaceX’s Failures >>
* Driverless Cars Will Compete — But Only With Each Other — In Formula E Races >>

* Professor saves home with smart sprinklers from 3,000km away >>
* Dishwashers just aren’t as quick as they used to be. Here’s why. >>
* Scientists map genes essential for cancer to survive >>

* Graphene microphone outperforms traditional nickel and offers ultrasonic reach >>
* Sensor sees nerve action as it happens >>
* IoT Meets 40,000 Streetlights >>

* These Robots Come to the Rescue after a Disaster >>

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