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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 27 November 2015

* Watch a neural network describe what it sees on a stroll through Amsterdam >>
* Army ants’ ‘living’ bridges suggest collective intelligence >>
* First images of live blood vessels in unprecedented clarity >>

* First Mirror Installed on NASA’s Webb Telescope, Final Assembly Phase Starts >>
* Massive Rocks May Explain Moon’s Mysterious Tilt >>
* How Neuromorphic Image Sensors Steal Tricks From the Human Eye >>

* Stainless magnesium could be mass produced and it would weigh half as much as aluminum >>
* China is funding research into genetic modification of animals as a national priority and is setting up large animal cloning factories >>
* Google loon will test internet delivery across the United States >>

* How to (Really) Engineer a Human Baby >>
* DARPA improving memory with brain implants >>
* Rushing to Join the IoT: Web-Enabled Window Blinds >>

* Flatcam is a grid array of lenless pinholes and replaces the camera lens with computation >>
* Tallest building could be in Basra, Iraq with vertical city Bride tower in 2025 >>
* Ultrasound Microscopy Helps Image Tiny Blood Vessels >>

* How the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft will bring us back to space >>
* NASA isn’t ready for a trip to Mars >>

* New Wearable Tech Translates Sign Language Into Text >>

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