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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 25 November 2015

* Blue Origin Beats Spacex In Landing Reusable Rocket >>
* ‘Gene drive’ mosquitoes could end malaria once and for all >>

* Circuit Board Tattoos That Actually Work Will Bring Your Cyborg Fantasies To Life >>
* “Plant Lamps” Turn Dirt and Vegetation into a Power Source >>

* Rowing robot powers itself by gulping dirty water >>
* Algorithm Predicts Relationship Success Through Couples’ Tone Of Voice >>
* Earth may have dark matter ‘hairs’ sticking out of it, suggests Nasa study >>

* The Case of the Disappearing Quasars >>
* Decoding a Baby’s Genome in 26 Hours >>
* With This Genetic Engineering Technology, There’s No Turning Back >>

* An All Wind, Water, and Solar Grid Will Be Stable Without Batteries >>
* Real-Time Traffic Cameras Could Make Me Actually Use Bing Maps >>

* Gut Bacteria Signal Your Brain When They’re Full >>
* ‘Roblox’ Top Developers Make $20,000 A Month, Now Coming To Xbox One >>
* Google to launch ‘Star Wars’ virtual reality experience on Cardboard >>

* Mars might have a ring like Saturn’s in 20 million years >>
* Walmart’s $10 Smartphone Has Better Specs Than the Original iPhone >>

* The Quest for the Ultimate Vacuum Tube >>
* Largest diamond in a hundred years found >>
* Bezos New Sheppard rocket lands after 60 mile suborbital space mission demonstrating reusability >>

* Perovskite Nanoplatelets Yield Bright LEDs >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day; Aurora over Clouds >>
* Despite Its Status as a Chip Powerhouse, Taiwan Neglects Supercomputing >>

* Your Doctor Doesn’t Want to Hear About Your Fitness-Tracker Data >>
* Quantum entanglement achieved at room temperature in macroscopic semiconductor wafers >>
* Physicists plan a miniaturized particle accelerator prototype in five years >>

* China may have made breakthroughs with aircraft carrier electromagnetic launch and railgun technology >>
* Storing solar, wind, and water energy underground could replace burning fuel >>
* Space telescopes launching in 2017 and 2018 will mean a lot more exoplanet discoveries and mearsuring their atmospheres >>

* DARPA seeking novel mathematical frameworks for understanding and representing complexity >>
* 3d printed microparticles >>
* Netflix is rebooting Lost In Space >>

* $399 3D printer is disappointing in all dimensions >>
* Google Previews Android Studio 2.0 >>
* ‘Gene Drive’ Mosquitoes Engineered to Fight Malaria >>

* Vocal Cords Bioengineered from Starter Cells >>
* The best Internet-TV streaming devices, from $20 to $200 >>

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