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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 23 November 2015

* Microwave-Powered Rockets Would Slash Cost of Reaching Orbit >>
* Genetically Engineered Salmon Approved for Consumption >>
* A New Sensor Can Sniff Out Gold Inside Space Rocks >>

* Spacex Will Fly Astronauts To The Space Station In 2017 >>
* Researchers Grow Vocal Cord Tissue That Can ‘Talk’ >>
* Skin Lets These Fish Do A Vanishing Act >>

* Researchers Teaching Robots How to Best Reject Orders from Humans >>
* Pigeons taught to diagnose breast cancer on X-rays >>

* New Balance unveils first ever 3D printed running shoe >>
* One in two 45-year-olds will get pre-diabetic high blood sugar >>
* Chocolate pill: It’s all benefit, no fun >>

* Artificial pancreas performed well in humans in US >>
* New ‘biogel’ may help treat cancer >>
* This NASA Technology Will Help Fight Wildfires from Space >>

* Why the ‘moonshot project’ that Google just launched could be such a big deal >>
* The world’s first robot kitchen is coming >>
* Scientists may soon be able to ‘cut and paste’ DNA to cure deadly diseases and design perfect babies >>

* Scientists Create Electronic Circuits In Living Roses >>
* The Information Theory of Life >>

* Windows Turns 30: A History, Told Through Microsoft’s Terrible Ads >>
* MIT creates vital signs sensor you can swallow >>
* Researchers Create Plant-Circuit Hybrid >>

* 100 Years Of General Relativity: Why Einstein Still Stands >>
* Microsoft And Volvo Bring Augmented Reality To Car Shopping >>
* Yoga may benefit men with prostate cancer, study finds >>

* Facebook Shifts Switch to 100G >>
* Ten 3D Printable Things – Awesome Beginner 3D Printable Robotics Projects >>
* XAIR-Robotics Creates First 3D Printed Solid Fuel Rocket Engine >>

* Gillmor Gang: Shelf Space >>
* Google Glass helps cardiologists complete difficult coronary artery blockage surgery >>
* Gestures Are Defining Apple Watch >>

* Cheap DNA Sequencing Is Here. Writing DNA Is Next >>
* CERN: Accelerating the Search for Supersymmetry –“A New Physics Beyond the Standard Model” >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Nov. 20, 2015: Miguel Drake-McLaughlin, Director of Sky Line >>

* Wearable Blast gauges are current military wearable electronics and future is ultrasound, nanoparticles and optogenetics to control nerves and pain >>
* New glasses and liquid cooling will enable Exawatt lasers path to near term commercial nuclear fusion >>

* Generating kilotesla magnetic fields with petawatt lasers >>
* A sensory illusion that makes yeast cells self-destruct >>
* Researchers discover signaling molecule that helps neurons find their way in the developing brain >>

* Testing Einstein’s Theories With Satellites Stuck in Eccentric Orbits >>
* New Production Method Could Make Graphene 100 Times Cheaper to Manufacture >>
* Rewired Rose Plant Becomes Living Cyborg >>

* Browser Plug-in Punches an Unfixable Hole in China’s Great Firewall >>
* Russia will supply 24 multirole Su-35 fighters to China >>
* Four New Ways to Chill Computer Chips >>

* California Says This Time, For Sure, It Will Issue Rules on Driverless Cars >>
* Promise and Peril of Gene drive >>
* Growing functional vocal cords in the lab >>

* Pigeons diagnose breast cancer on X-rays as well as radiologists >>
* This Glowing Rock Wants to Monitor Your Internet of Things >>
* The Machine-Vision Algorithm for Analyzing Children’s Drawings >>

* Our Future Space Elevator May Be Built of Diamond >>

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