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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 12 November 2015

* Getting Punched In Virtual Reality Will Soon Feel Real >>
* Microsoft’s Huge Update Could Bring Artificial Intelligence To Your Apps >>
* Bluetooth’s 2016 roadmap: Whole-home coverage, mesh networking, and faster speeds >>

* Apple said to be planning person-to-person payments service >>
* Oculus now lets you play 1980s games in a virtual reality arcade >>
* New Algorithm Recognizes Both Good and Bad Fake Reviews >>

* 3D print extra bits for old objects to help extend their life >>
* Most of Earth’s mass extinctions caused by… mineral deficiencies >>

* NASA Makes Strides Toward Journey to Mars >>
* Why the Pyramids Spawn So Many Wacky Theories >>
* Stonehenge Begins to Yield Its Secrets >>

* 64-Bit Debug Tool Works Back in Time >>
* Get a Virtual-Reality Punch, Feel Real Impact >>
* Wow! Missile Test That Shocked California Snapped Against Milky Way | Video >>

* Alien Venus Found 39-Light Years Away –“Will Be a Favorite of Astronomers for Years to Come” >>
* Super H-mode plasma could greatly increase tokomak fusion power >>
* Bell Lockheed say Valor Tiltrotor future vertical lift vehicle could be operation by 2025 >>

* Elon Musk tracking all advanced battery developments and sees nothing in the near term that would disrupt the Gigafactory of batteries >>
* Experts Still Think uBeam’s Through-the-Air Charging Tech Is Unlikely >>
* Sound Waves Could Power the Hard Drives of the Future >>

* How We’ve Succeeded In Breaching The Blood-brain Barrier At Last >>
* Un Agreement Lets Satellites Track Airplanes Over The Ocean >>
* This Is How Autonomous Cars See The City >>

* Bosch’s New Automotive Touchscreens Feel Like Physical Buttons >>
* Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 Chips Will Provide Better Signal and Battery Life >>
* New Android Wear Smartwatches Can Go Online Without Needing Your Smartphone >>

* Track Your Heart with Your Phone >>
* Gentlemen, Start Your Drones >>
* Robot watches store shelves so you don’t leave empty-handed >>

* The Two Modern Space Races >>
* NVIDIA’s ‘mobile supercomputer’ can make machines smarter >>
* ARM’s latest design brings 64-bit processors to smartwatches >>

* NASA probe shows how solar burps may have stripped Mars of water >>
* Microscopic cage for light traps photons but lets fluids through >>
* Gene editing beat a baby’s leukaemia. Are other cancers next? >>

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