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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 11 November 2015

* Teaching Machines to Learn on Their Own >>
* Ultrasound prises open brain’s protective barrier for first time >>
* ARM has a new 64-bit chip for the next billion smartphones >>

* Build a 3-D Virtual World with This Crowdsourced Map of the Real World >>
* DARPA aims to provide real-time radio frequency maps >>
* Using Virtual Reality to Save the White Rhino >>

* ARM is bringing some much needed security to the Internet of Things >>
* Tool Lets Beginners Design And Print Walking Robots >>
* Facebook director Marc Andreessen sells half his stake >>

* Samsung’s virtual reality headset open to pre-orders >>
* Ice spewing volcanoes, moons spinning like tops: The weird Pluto world revealed >>
* After more than 10 years, the first trailer for the ‘Finding Nemo’ sequel is here >>

* These futuristic flying pods could make driving in the city history >>
* Flexible, implantable device could block pain signals >>

* Personalized ‘Pills’ From a 3D Printer? >>
* MIT’s friendly snake robot concept can transform into many things >>
* To Study the Brain, a Doctor Puts Himself Under the Knife >>

* NASA: Pluto’s Active Ice Volcanoes? –“Tens of Kilometers Across and Several Kilometers High” >>
* ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ Author George Musser Talks Physics Loopholes >>
* Solved! Mystery of Stars and Galaxies Magnetic Fields >>

* MIT has new LineForm shapechanging interface >>
* Can Another Bushnell Revolutionize the Way We Play? >>
* AE Aurigae and the Flaming Star Nebula >>

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