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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 10 November 2015

* Google Offers Free Software in Bid to Gain an Edge in Machine Learning >>
* 6 $3 -Million Breakthrough Prizes Awarded for Basic Science >>
* Scientists Make Skin’s Stretchy Stuff In The Lab >>

* The Crispr Quandary >>
* Antimatter Protons Stick Together Just Like Normal Particles >>
* Fecal Transplants Made (Somewhat) More Palatable >>

* Rats Engineered to See Infrared Light, Use It to Seek Out Water >>
* Microtethered Drone never needs to land >>
* Your smartphone can help cure cancer while you sleep >>

* Can uBeam’s Through-the-Air Phone Charging System Live Up to the Hype? >>

* New ‘tricorder’ technology might be able to ‘hear’ tumors >>
* Artificial Patients, Real Learning >>
* Facebook brings face recognition to Messenger to speed up sharing >>

* Xiaomi’s $16 fitness tracker gets a heart-rate monitor >>
* MIT’s shape-shifting bot can be a phone, lamp or exoskeleton >>
* Google brings machine learning to the masses with new open-source tool >>

* Google’s Robotics Group Lacks Leadership >>
* Why The ‘Robot Revolution’ Is Really A Fight For Your Mind >>
* MIT announces an innovation hub for students in Hong Kong >>

* Breakthrough Prize Honors Scientists Working On Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Neutrinos, And More >>
* Adidas’s Latest “Futurecraft” Shoes Are Made From One Seamless Piece Of Leather >>
* Announcing our 2016 TED Prize winner: Satellite archaeologist Sarah Parcak >>
* Google open sources TensorFlow machine learning software >>

* A Robotic Worm Is Your Only Device In This Incredibly Strange Vision of the Future >>
* May the Antimatter Strong Force Be With You >>
* You Could Soon Use Crispr To Biohack In Your Own Home >>

* Watch A Navy Seal Break The Wingsuit Distance Record >>
* Maryland’s Maglev Train Gets First Round Of Federal Funding >>
* Scientists say they have decoded ‘panda language’ >>
* New Material Makes It Easier to Store Lots of Natural Gas >>

* ‘Electric Sails’ Could Propel Superfast Spacecraft by 2025 >>
* SETI’s Allen Telescope Array Fails to Detect “ET Megastructure” Signals From Star System KIC 8462852 >>
* Alpha Centauri Planet Reconsidered >>

* Breakthrough Prize for Illuminating the Brain’s Secret Code >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day; Assembly of The International Space Station >>

* AI will not kill jobs, but alter workplace >>
* These are the 17 biggest relationship deal-breakers for men and women >>
* Google’s Next Big Project Is Fighting Heart Disease >>

* CHiP is the latest robot dog looking to leash your heart >>
* Biologists Could Soon Resurrect Extinct Species. But Should They? >>
* Human brain’s ultimate barrier to open for first time >>

* Will scientists wipe out disease by 2030? >>
* Researchers Achieve Long-Distance Teleportation and Quantum Entanglement With Twisted Photons >>

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