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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 8 November 2015

* Memory-Boosting Devices Tested in Humans >>
* Move Data by “Singing” to It >>
* Google cars used to sniff city air and make pollution maps >>

* Facebook Works To Translate Images Into Words Using Artificial Intelligence >>
* Self-Medicating Monkeys Gobble Painkilling Bark >>
* The Brainbow Connection: Viewing Nerve Cells in Living Color >>

* New dimension to high-temperature superconductivity discovered >>
* LA First City To Test Future Of Wireless Connectivity With ‘Small Cells’ On Streetlights >>

* Earthlight VR is the closest you can get to outer space without leaving Earth >>
* Augmented reality device turns your arm into a keyboard >>
* Graphene could take night-vision thermal imagers beyond ‘Predator’ >>

* Antiproton attraction measured to be similar to protons >>
* Portable multi megavolt particle accelerators for medical and material imaging >>
* This Surveillance Drone Never Needs to Land >>

* Robot Toddler Learns to Stand by “Imagining” How to Do It >>
* Fastest brain-computer-interface speller developed >>
* New York Times Virtual-Reality Documentary Is Moving But Occasionally Nauseating >>

* Solar Wind Stripping Martian Atmosphere at 100 grams per second >>
* A Gigantic Rare Radio Galaxy Discovered –“4 Million Light Years End to End” >>

* The Last-Ditch Fertilization Method For Infertile Men Just Got More Reliable >>
* We Finally Know What Happened to Water on Mars >>

* How Popular Are Your First and Last Names? >>
* How to build a city fit for 50c heatwaves >>
* New Evidence Is Challenging What We Know About the Deadliest Mass Extinction in History >>

* Lytro Is Building a Camera to Capture Live-Action Virtual Reality >>
* Paper-based test could diagnose hepatitis B and assess male fertility for less than $1 >>
* A Smart Watch That Isn’t the Smartest, but Fits Small Wrists >>

* Google Tries to Make Machine Learning a Little More Human >>
* Electron Map May Show the Way Toward High-Temp Superconductivity >>
* Two jetpackers fly along side an A380 that is also flying >>

* Inside the 50-year quest to build a mechanical organ >>
* New Tech can enable smartphones and computers that respond to real time hand signals >>
* Gigafactory making battery cells by end 2016 and Model 3 debut March 2016 >>

* Be an Astronaut: NASA Seeks Explorers for Future Space Missions >>
* Augury’s Gadget Lets Machines Hear When They’re About to Die >>
* Leading theory of consciousness rocked by oddball study >>

* Here’s the First Teaser Trailer For The ‘Warcraft’ Movie >>
* NASA debates where to land on Mars – but are we ready to go? >>
* Smart glasses translate video into sound to help the blind see >>

* Miele Complete C3 Kona Vacuum Cleaner Review >>
* Untested ‘gene editing’ tech saves baby with cancer >>
* NZ to test first pvt rocket launch pad >>

* Blood test could determine prostate cancer therapy >>
* MIT drone knows how to swerve to avoid crashes >>
* Scientists say this ridiculously simple strategy can help you learn anything >>

* Hypersonic Jet Could Cross the Atlantic in 30 Minutes (Someday) >>
* Qualcomm sketches road to 5G >>
* Researchers are developing metal implants that dissolve after healing >>

* World’s second vertical forest tower will rise in Switzerland >>
* LIVESTREAM: ‘Future of Learning’ Event Live Tonight at 6pm PST >>
* IBM Watson is going to change how you think about the weather >>

* Scientists rule out presence of huge alien megastructure orbiting distant star >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* Hydrogen Treatment of Graphene Makes for Super Li-ion Batteries >>

* Astrobiologists Revise the Chances of Finding Advanced ET Civilizations >>
* Graphene Paper Transforms Into Tiny Origami Robots >>
* Superconducting at -70 degrees celsius seems to be accepted by mainstream scientists and has triggered race for room temperature superconductor >>

* Solar wind would take 7.2 billion years to erode the Martian Atmosphere >>
* Gene-edited immune cells treat 1-year-old’s ‘incurable’ leukemia >>
* Video Friday: Breakfast Robot, Programmable Matter, and Exploding Ping Pong Balls >>

* Your Urban Vehicle of the Future Might Be an Electric Tricycle >>
* Nanographene charge trapping memory could make higer density flash memory >>
* Toyota Invests $1 Billion in AI and Robots, Will Open R&D Lab in Silicon Valley >>

* Minuscule, flexible compound lenses magnify large fields of view >>
* US nuclear plants 20 year operating extensions will benefit clean energy and environment >>
* Dr. Joscha Bach: Build Strong AI that Bridges Humanity and the Powers that Be >>

* Meet the Engineer Bringing Wearable Sensors and AI to Autism Therapy >>
* Meet one of the world’s most groundbreaking scientists. He’s 34. >>

* Fast, flexible and free, Linux taking over the online world. But growing unease about security weaknesses. >>
* Tanks In ‘Star Wars’ Make No Sense And Other Facts >>

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