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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 30 October 2015

* China abandons one-child policy >>
* Yamaha built a motorcycle-driving robot, and it’s already challenging a world champion >>
* Why Tesla’s Autopilot and Google’s Car Are Entirely Different Animals >>

* Leap in Lithium-Air Battery Tech Could Supercharge Electric Cars >>
* Google Loon will provide internet service to Indonesia in 2016 >>
* Genetically engineered virus called talimogene laherparepvec (T-VEC) has been approved by the FDA to treat advanced melanoma >>

* Mind-Reading with Infrared Light >>
* What happens in the brain when we learn >>
* IBM Is About to Become the Best Weather Forecaster Ever >>

* Recommended Computing Reads This Week >>
* Real technology to mimick the Star Wars Force or Fictional Telekenesis >>

* Mario Maker Players Are In An Arms Race To Make The Hardest Level Ever >>
* This Gorgeous GPS Satellite Is Ready for Tomorrow’s Launch >>
* There’s Primordial Oxygen Leaking From Rosetta’s Comet >>

* This Artificial Neural Network Will Tell You If Your Selfies Suck >>
* There Actually Is Sound in Outer Space >>
* Skype adds new Snapchat-like video message filters >>

* Honda’s latest mobility vehicle has space for two passengers >>
* Who Needs Cameras? These 3D Maps Can Show Real-Time Moving Parts >>
* Mercedes Vision Tokyo Concept is a minivan for millennials >>

* Old rat brains rejuvenated and new neurons grown by asthma drug >>
* Rosetta’s comet has oxygen made before the solar system’s birth >>
* Swarms of pumpkin-like robots could explore and map the oceans >>

* First known case of a lizard growing six new tails at once >>
* How to Build an Empathetic Robot >>
* Whale Poop Drives Global Nutrient Cycling >>

* Baby due date could be predicted more precisely with cervix test >>
* Move over standing desk — this one reclines >>
* New Xbox One Experience >>

* Seven Reasons Why Social VR is Better Than Skype >>

* Jupiter’s 4-Billion-Year-Old Close Encounter –“Ejected a 5th Gas-Giant Planet from Solar System’ >>
* Where We Might Sample Europa’s Ocean >>

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