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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 26 October 2015

* This is the best explanation yet for that ‘alien megastructure’ 1,400 light-years away >>
* This clothing company, whose CEO was briefly richer than Bill Gates, is blowing the competition out of the water >>
* Microsoft explains where the Xbox falls into CEO Satya Nadella’s master plan >>

* Robotic Bee Flies and Swims >>
* Technological Unemployment and the Future >>
* Who would you trust with the nuclear codes? >>

* The Future of Labor >>
* Soon We’ll Cure Diseases with a Cell, Not a Pill >>
* 2045: Constructing the future >>

* In the Future, Things Will Be Amazing >>
* Mapping the 88 Million Ways That Humans Are Genetically Different >>
* First New US Nuclear Reactor In Two Decades Gets Permission To Begin Fueling >>

* Samsung’s latest batteries make unusual wearables possible >>
* Chocolate, pizza among `most addictive food’ >>
* Bioprinted models of heart, arteries created >>

* Found: A drug to treat baldness >>
* ‘Human chimera’: Man fails paternity test because genes in his saliva are different to those in sperm >>
* Cheese as addictive as drugs >>

* Twisty reactor hints at a future of practical fusion power >>
* Alzheimer’s risk impairs ‘satnav’ function of brain >>
* Shark-detecting technology will patrol Sydney’s beaches this summer >>

* New Algorithm Provides Huge Speedups For Optimization Problems >>
* Why IoT Security Is So Critical >>

* Free Ideas: These NASA Patents Are So Crazy They Just Might Work (For Startups) >>
* Two radio jamming antidrone systems >>
* The Green Comet Lovejoy –“Organic Molecules Needed for Life Embedded at Birth of Planets” >>

* Cobalt atoms on graphene a powerful combo >>
* Memristors could challenge flash memory >>
* China’s first two domestic air craft carriers will be deployed at the Sanya naval base >>

* Where Teslas are taxis >>
* Researchers create blackest material ever made >>
* Eye-tracking robot arm lets you paint while you eat >>

* Antiaging protein GDF11 could be source of rejuvenation from young blood >>
* Real unmanned russian robotic tanks by 2017, AI, combat lasers, railguns >>
* Two radio jamming antidrone systems >>

* This Breathtaking New Footage Of The B-2 Stealth Bomber Is The Best Ever >>
* California’s $68 Billion Bullet Train Project Faces Major Hurdles >>

* California’s $68 Billion Bullet Train Project Faces Major Hurdles >>
* Scientists confirm a cornerstone of quantum computing >>

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