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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 25 October 2015

* Robot With Tummy Full of Microbes Can Swim in Dirty Water Forever >>
* Memristor Capable of Three Stable Resistive States Could Challenge Flash Memory >>
* Alphabet Prepares to Spend More on Its Riskiest Projects >>

* Largest astronomical image to date contains 46 billion pixels >>
* Researchers Making Leukemia Cells Kill Each Other >>
* Mass extinctions linked to comet and asteroid showers >>

* Improving learning and memory in aged mice with cholesterol-binding membrane protein >>
* How Your Device Knows Your Life through Images >>
* What Dancing Lizards Can Teach Us About Human-Robot Interaction >>

* New GMO Techniques May Circumvent Regulation, But Not Fears >>
* Space Games for Engineers >>

* Like Your Glasses, Your Virtual-Reality Headset May Need a Prescription >>
* The IT Failure Blame Game >>
* Squeezed Light and Quantum Clockspeeds >>

* Spider Silk Sensors Could Search for Life on Mars >>
* First New U.S. Nuclear Reactor in Two Decades to Begin Fueling in Tennessee >>

* Jazz-Playing Robot Could Teach Us About Human-Computer Interaction >>
* Starburst Galaxy Messier 94 >>
* The Practical Chemist Who Gave Women “Kissable” Lipstick >>

* Watch As This P-3 Orion Hurricane Hunter Churns Through The Eye Of Patricia >>
* Tiny Dancing Spider Crickets Could Lead to Better Robotics >>
* MIT’s New Microwave Camera Can See Through Walls >>

* You Can’t Get Smarter, But You Can Slow How Fast You Get Dumber >>
* Top 10 Skills You Need at Work That Have Nothing to Do with Your Job >>
* Google ‘Rethinking Everything’ Around Machine Learning >>

* Android 6.0 Marshmallow review: All about polish and power >>
* Political and Industry Leaders Make Basic Research Case >>
* The Tantalizing Links Between Gut Microbes and the Brain >>

* Booze and sweets officially found in nearby comet for first time >>
* To Reach Seniors, Tech Start-Ups Must First Relate to Them >>

* This Smart Mug Keeps Your Coffee at the Perfect Temp >>
* Podcast – predictions for Back to Future 2045 >>

* Fitbit hacked from 10 feet away, security firm says >>
* ‘Black Death’ germ has afflicted humankind longer than suspected >>
* Dinosaurs’ nasal passages kept their brains cool >>

* Processed meats as big a cancer risk as smoking >>
* Scientists Have Found a Comet That Can Get You Drunk >>
* One of Silicon Valley’s most secretive startups quietly raised $105 million and is now worth over $20 billion >>

* A Google researcher said that we’ll become ‘highly dependent’ on artificial intelligence in the near future >>
* This solar-powered car just won a 1,900-mile race in Australia >>
* Machines That Can See Depression on a Person’s Face >>

* How to Fix the Internet of Broken Things >>
* Forget the tin foil hat: NSA-proof wallpaper could keep snoopers and ‘doomsday’ electromagnetic weapons at bay >>
* Weekly Space Hangout – Oct. 23, 2015: Dr. Matthew Golombek >>

* How to 3-D print a heart >>
* Cobalt atoms on graphene: a low-cost catalyst for producing hydrogen from water >>
* This microrobot could be a model for a future dual aerial-aquatic vehicle >>

* Thermal energy harvesting antennas by more than 10,000 to 100,000 times with tiny holes in copper >>
* Harvard demos insect sized flying submarine robot >>
* Much Ado About Carbon Nanotubes…Or Not >>

* Video Friday: Origami Drone, Tesla Autopilot Fail, and Crowdsourced Robots >>
* Asteroid Mining Company Planetary Resources has raised $12 million >>
* NASA’s SLS Rocket Sheds Saturn V Color Scheme in Design Review >>

* Anti-aging rapamycin is being tested in 20 dogs >>
* Why Alien Life Will Be Robotic >>
* Google Alphabet will spend billions on its moonshot technologies like self driving cars and anti-aging >>

* Wireless AI Device Tracks and Zaps the Brain, Takes Aim at Parkinson’s >>
* Death of cancer >>
* Robot With Tummy Full of Microbes Can Swim in Dirty Water Forever >>

* 92% of earth-like worlds have yet to be born >>

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