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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 22 October 2015

* Windchill refrigerator designed by Calgary students wins world prize >>
* ‘Back to the Future Part II’: science fiction vs. reality >>
* Talking Hoverboards With The Guy Who Dreamed Them Up >>

* Back To The Future Day: What Have We Learned About Predictions? >>
* FDA Clears 23andMe For Health and Carrier Status Testing >>
* Laser produced blackhole interstellar drive >>

* Astronomers Create Largest Image of Milky Way –“46 Billion Pixels” * >>
* Researchers Prove Connected Cars Can Be Tracked >>
* A Tower of Molten Salt Will Deliver Solar Power After Sunset >>

* Most Earth-like worlds have yet to be born, says new NASA study >>
* How to control heartbeats more precisely, using light >>
* A portable paper-smartphone device that analyzes trace pesticides >>

* Wi-fi trick for Indoor Location Fixes accurate to 40 centimeters >>
* Astroquizzical: Why doesn’t a globular cluster collapse? (Synopsis) >>
* China targets eliminating extreme poverty within China by 2020 >>

* Lightbridge progress on testing advanced metallic nuclear fuel >>
* Technological Progress and the Perpetual Learning Curve >>
* Zero-Index Metamaterials Open New Possibilities for Optical Chips >>

* Paralyzed Man’s Arm Wired to Receive Brain Signals >>
* Startup Time for Fukushima’s Frozen Wall. Here’s Why it Should Work. >>
* Light Where the Sun Don’t Shine >>

* Artificial Creativity >>
* The Treatment Gap >>
* A metamaterial that enhances thermal energy harvesting >>

* Engineered viruses provide quantum-based enhancement of energy transport >>
* 3-D-printed ‘soft’ robotic tentacle with new level of octopus agility >>
* Carbon nanotubes found in cells from airways of asthmatic children in Paris >>

* UK vision of future 2020 soldiers with sensor laden body armor >>
* Positron Dynamics plans to fly an antimatter powered cubsat by 2019 >>
* Geochemists find evidence of life 4.1 billion years ago which is 300 million years earlier than believed >>

* Smart LED Bulbs Learn Your Routines, and Automatically Turn On When You Go on Vacation >>
* Like Doc Brown’s DeLorean, Toyota’s Mirai is (kinda) powered by trash >>

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