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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 20 October 2015

* An MIT Algorithm Can Provide Better Human Intuition Than Humans >>
* SpaceX Gears Up to Resume Rocket Launches After Summer Explosion >>

* Programming Hate Into AI Will Be Controversial, But Possibly Necessary >>
* Notifications Summit: Session 4 >>
* Relativity’s Legacy: Your Guide to Traveling the Galaxy in Only 20 Years >>

* NASA Picks Winners for 3D-Printed Mars Habitat Design Contest >>
* Search For Intelligent Aliens Near Bizarre Dimming Star Has Begun >>
* Moon’s Shattered Crust Could Shed Light on Earth Life’s Origins >>

* Bright Blue PHOLEDs Almost Ready for TV >>
* Computer Count of Huge Crowds Now Possible >>
* A Robot Finds Its Way Using Artificial “GPS” Brain Cells >>

* UK has 2000 passenger seaplane design and China is building 50 passenger seaplanes >>
* Lunar Fuel and refueling greatly reduce cost of a Mars Mission >>
* By 2100, Spring Could Be Almost a Month Earlier >>

* Here’s What the Climax of Terminator: Genisys Looks Like Without Any VFX >>
* Now We Can Grow Kidney Structures from Stem Cells >>

* Internet of Things standards groups get ready to rumble at CES >>
* The Key to Cheap Electric Cars? Ditch the Steering Wheel >>
* Seven Brief Lessons on Physics is lean, lucid and enchanting >>

* Lockheed 360 degree laser turret compensates for supersonic air turbulence in 60 flight tests >>
* Secret source code pronounces you guilty as charged [Updated] >>

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