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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 16 October 2015

* Hilarious animation imagines Back to the Future traveling to our real life 2015 instead >>
* Natural possiblities must be ruled out before claims of an alien megastructure are made >>
* The Artificial Skin That Could Deliver the Sense of Touch Directly to the Brain >>

* An Algorithm Helps Robots Fall Safely >>
* Tesla’s Cars Now Drive Themselves, Kinda >>
* Chasing Wormholes: The Hunt for Tunnels in Space-Time >>

* Graphene-Coated Fabric Makes for a Wearable Gas Sensor >>

* China’s Space Station Planners Put Out Welcome Mat >>
* NASA: Cassini Begins Enceladus Flybys with Close-ups –“New Signs of Its Buried Global Ocean Looming?” >>

* More than half of all Google searches now happen on mobile devices >>
* One operator controls 50 drones at one time >>
* 40 mm laser guided missile has 13 times the range of standard M203 grenade launcher >>

* Kepler Space telescope could have detected a dyson swarm or a very unlikely massive displacement of comets >>
* 140 wind turbines can double the capacity factor of wind power to 60% >>

* Nanobots: The rise of the molecular machines (video) >>
* Telsa Motors to introduce new self-driving features Thursday >>
* Hybrid bio-robotic system models physics of human leg locomotion >>

* Innovating for an Increasingly Crowded World >>
* Robots Learning Judo Techniques to Fall Down Without Exploding >>
* How Many Laser Pointers Would It Take to Kill a Human? >>

* Microsoft’s Transparency Hub tracks surveillance requests >>
* YouTube Gaming Adds Mobile Streaming And Twitch-Like Features >>

* Here Are Over 50 Official Star Wars: Force Awakens Images You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet >>
* Microsoft aims to make group chatting easier with Skype >>

* AT&T’s single-number service for connected devices does the carrier a favor, too >>
* U.K. Ebola “Relapse” Case Takes Virus Specialists to Uncharted Waters >>
* Editing of Pig DNA May Lead to More Organs for People >>

* Cure for cancer might accidentally have been found >>
* Astronomers may have found giant alien ‘megastructures’ orbiting star near the Milky Way >>
* Why antibiotics aren’t effective >>

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