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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 6 October 2015

* Altering how sperm develop could lead to a reversible male birth control >>
* The Internet Of Things Is A Fragmented $19 Trillion Roulette Gamble >>

* Japan Display Wizards Squeeze 8K Into 17-inch LCD To Crack 510 PPI >>
* Beard transplants up 600% for men ‘lacking length elsewhere’ >>

* why-women-live-longer-than-men >>
* New certification will ensure HDMI cables can output 4K >>
* Japan Display outs an insane 8K, 120Hz laptop-sized screen >>

* A new HDMI certification program will make it easier to avoid crappy cables >>
* Deep Learning Robot Takes 10 Days to Teach Itself to Grasp >>
* Virtual reality for mice teaches scientists about navigation >>

* Ancient Toothy Mammal Survived Dino Apocalypse >>
* Microsoft’s next smartphone may extend Windows 10 features, like iris scans >>
* Futuristic tech jobs you won’t believe actually exist >>

* One neuron may have over 1,000 mutations >>
* Transplant drugs could hold key to the male pill >>
* These Nobel-winning drugs are poised to help wipe out 2 of the world’s most horrific illnesses >>

* Sergey Brin had a great response for why even people who love cars should embrace self-driving vehicles >>
* Scientists discover body clock switch >>
* A quantum logic gate in silicon built for the for the first time (w/video) >>

* Gadgets Could Get Longer Lives by Combining Batteries >>
* How Much Power Will Quantum Computing Need? >>

* Android Marshmallow Has Arrived–Here’s Why You’ll Want It >>
* Pepsi Will Release a Limited Edition Back to the Future Bottle, Pepsi Perfect >>

* World’s First Silicon Quantum Logic Gate Brings Quantum Computing One Step Closer >>
* Here’s the Drawing That Proved the Earth Has a Solid Core >>
* Track Your Fever With This $16 Smart Thermometer >>

* This Year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine Goes to Breakthroughs in Fighting Parasitic Diseases >>
* Twitter Shuts Down JSON API and Names New CEO >>
* Image of the Day: At the Base of 3-Mile-High Mount Sharp –The Mars’ Curiosity Rover Destination >>

* Unusual Orbits for Unusual Missions >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>

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