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Futueseek Daily Link Review; 5 October 2015

* Disney Research app turns colored drawings into 3D characters >>
* 3-D printed ice shelter for Mars wins $25,000 Nasa award >>
* Anti-cancer drug may help treat Alzheimer’s, improve memory >>

* Scientists invent chocolate so healthy ‘it could be eaten as medicine’ >>
* An app that lets you review real people >>
* After Mars, hunt for water and life goes deep into the solar system >>

* How a Virus Invades Your Body: An Eye-Popping, Animated Look >>
* Semantic Sensors >>
* Russian Scientists Present Device That Sees 50 Meters Through Walls >>

* Tourists in Japan could get robot translators starting next year >>
* Invest a Night in Vesta >>
* The importance of human innovation in A.I. ethics >>

* Our Favorite Images From NASA’s Incredible New Apollo Gallery >>
* Protecting Planets Against An Alien Invasion >>
* Vostochny Launch Building Built To the Wrong Size >>

* This is what Hurricane Joaquin looks like from space >>
* ‘Paying by smart watch? That’ll do nicely’ >>

* How to grow a functional 3-D mini-brain for 25 cents >>
* Humans split from chimps 10 million years ago and gorillas appeared 12.5 million years ago >>
* Village name Minions had to take down its welcoming sign because too many are stopping to take selfies

* ‘Martian’ Astronaut Would Get Cancer if Mission Were Real, Author Says >>
* Microsoft buys 3D physics developer Havok to boost gaming efforts >>
* Where Should NASA Send a Space Probe Next? >>

* Method to replace silicon with carbon nanotubes developed by IBM. Could work down to the 1.8 nanometer >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap151003.html >>
* Mitosens Mitochondrial Repair Project Funded and still raising funds >>

* Mental Noise Makes Your Brain Slow With Age >>
* Gene-Edited “Micropigs” to Be Sold as Pets >>
* Virtual Reality and Reality Augmentation >>

* Radio Waves Turned Into Electricity >>
* Private Moon Landing Set for 2017 >>
* Mega-Tsunami Left Earth In A Giant Deluge 73,000 Years Ago >>

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