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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 October 2015

* What 2,500 Sequenced Genomes Say About Humanity’s Future >>
* The Excruciating, 200-MPH World of Wingsuit Racing >>
* US F22 stealth fighter vs Russian T50 fighter >>

* Samsung denies using software to cheat TV energy efficiency tests >>
* Project Moonspike wants to send the first crowdfunded rocket to the Moon >>

* New prosthesis bypasses brain damage by re-encoding memories >>
* Combining the best parts of supercapacitors and Batteries with production like printing DVDs >>
* Forbes | The Kurzweilian logic of exponential growth in the interconnected era >>

* This Car Knows Your Next Misstep Before You Make It >>
* PC Magazine | These robots want out of the lab and into your house >>
* Scientists are developing an invisibility cloak for solar panels >>

* Scientists’ ‘practice run’ for saving the world >>
* 3D Memory Chips May Beat 3D Hybrid Memory Cube >>
* Why Lightbulbs Will be Hacked >>

* Take a look inside Japan’s Neon Genesis Evangelion bullet train >>
* Gut bacteria could be key in preventing asthma in children >>
* 3D Modeling Startup BioDigital Launches An API For The Human Body >>

* 1st Private Moon Landing Set for 2017 >>
* IBM Scientists Find New Way to Shrink Transistors >>
* Scientists Capture Hiv Spreading Through The Body In Real Time >>

* ‘Major’ IBM breakthrough breathes new life into Moore’s Law >>
* Tribeca and Lionsgate’s video-streaming service is now available >>
* Listening for Alien Life: Could New Tech Detect Microbe Movements? >>

* NASA Eyeing Venus, Asteroids for Next Low-Cost Robotic Mission >>
* Optical memory success which combined with photonic logic will enable computers 100 times faster than today >>
* Drones with 150KW High Energy Lasers in 2017 >>

* Goodbye MagStripe, Hello Chip Cards >>
* Boeing builds British Airways 787 Dreamliner in 4 minutes >>
* THESE ARE THE VOYAGES of the space probe Discovery >>

* Samsung TVs Reportedly Use Less Power in Efficiency Tests Than in Real Life >>
* Hands-on with LG’s dual-screen, dual-selfie camera V10 >>

* Tiny ‘supercapacitors’ could make batteries live longer >>
* Disney Research designs 3D-printed soft skin system for toy robots >>

* Asteroids are Moon’s main ‘water supply’ >>
* Patiala scientist developing nano sensors to detect cancer early >>
* ‘Electrosmog’ to help fight real smog >>

* Tokyo 2020: Stars of baseball, surfing, skateboarding & karate? >>
* We took Google’s self-driving car prototype through an obstacle course at the mall >>

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