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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 24 September 2015

* Scientists Propose Using Fast Radio Bursts To Chart Universe In 3D >>
* HBO NOW Is 2015’s Top Video Streaming App By Revenue, Study Finds >>
* Physicists Smash Quantum Teleportation Record With 60-Mile Fiber Jump >>

* What Does Virtual Reality Feel Like? This Muscle-Stimulating Arm Band Will Show You >>
* Facebook and Oculus Will Bring Insane 360-Degree Video to Your News Feed >>
* Speed Across Jakku in This Awesome Star Wars Virtual Reality Demo >>

* Would you trust Intel, Vodafone, Siemens et al with Internet of Things security? You’ll have to >>
* 3D Carbon nanotube chips with processing and memory interwoven in layers can achieve over 1000 times compute speed and they havea demo chip >>

* US Air force has $2 million prize for engine that has turbine power to weight but piston fuel efficiency >>
* Carbon Nanotubes Can Outperform Other Carbon Capture Materials >>
* Bosch claims they will commercialize 400 watt hour per kilogram solid state batteries at half the price of todays batteries by 2020 >>

* 3D-printed guide helps regrow complex nerves after injury >>
* Recommended Robot and AI Reads This Week >>
* Make Your Own Buttons with a Gel Touch Screen >>

* Software Makes Robot Learning Like Child’s Play >>
* Clearpath’s OTTO Robot Can Autonomously Haul a Ton of Stuff >>
* Telltale Antineutrinos Could Reveal Rogue Nuclear Programs >>

* BMW’s Car Parks Itself While You Stand To One Side and Watch >>
* DARPA successfully demos remote control A10 thunderbolt II for Persistent Close Air Support >>
* 3-D printing lightweight, flexible multiple materials in real time, including electronic circuits >>

* DNA-guided 3-D printing of human tissue >>
* Navy Diversifies Ships’ Cyber Systems to Foil Hackers >>
* Robot Shows How Babies Are Actively Plotting to Make You Smile >>

* Watch This Amazing Video of an Exoplanet in Motion >>
* Extreme Star Discovered –Brightest in the Universe With a Massive Magnetic Field >>
* Your Brain Isn’t a Computer. It’s a Quantum Field. >>

* Hands-on with Intel’s 5GBps wonder, the DC P3608 SSD >>
* Ultimate VR simulator throws you around in mid-air >>

* Microsoft’s Xbox Beta app hits the Windows 10 store >>
* Foreign DNA Trapped Inside You May Be Changing Your Behavior >>
* How earthquakes can trigger copycat quakes 1000 kilometres away >>

* Gravitational-wave detector rebooted to sense clashing stars >>
* Virtual Reality comes to Facebook >>
* Can App-Enabled Smart Meters Solve the Water Crisis? >>

* Here comes the ‘revenue recession’ >>
* Netflix turned the TV model on its head and now we have proof that it’s working >>
* The Angry Birds Movie trailer is out, and it stinks like a pig >>

* European airline passengers are getting fast 4G internet >>

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