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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 23 September 2015

* Robo Wunderkind’s Programmable Bricks Are Like Legos That Teach You How To Code >>
* Welcome to your Smart home: Custom control — anywhere, anytime >>
* Virtual Reality Goes Beyond Gaming >>

* Humans walk around in our own personal cloud of airborne bugs >>
* House Dust Organisms Reveal Location and Residents >>
* Makeup for the Selfie Generation >>

* 3D printers used to make Ruffles potato chips >>
* Teens turn trash into treasure with 3D printing >>
* Protein system can detect viral infection, kill cancer cells >>

* Dog clones are unlocking the future >>
* ‘Cow-size reptile’ may have been first creature to stand on all four legs >>
* Repair nanobots on damage patrol (w/video) >>

* Physicists determine the three-dimensional positions of individual atoms for the first time >>
* J. Craig Venter to Offer DNA Data to Consumers >>

* Salim Ismail on Exponential Organizations >>
* Forget the Turing test – there are better ways of judging AI >>
* Quadcopter Walking A Quadrupedal Robot >>

* A $750 Pill And A Founder Who Doesn’t Know When To Stop Tweeting >>
* Radio Waves Reveal Hidden Stars at Milky Way’s Center >>
* CERN: “Confirms the Fundamental Symmetry of the Universe” >>

* No Sign of Galactic Super-Civilizations >>
* DARPA Tests Battery-Powered Exoskeletons on Real Soldiers >>
* Trash Hauling Robots Are Cool, But Do We Really Need Them? >>

* Details on antimatter triggered fusion bombs >>
* How Engineers at West Virginia University Caught VW Cheating >>
* U.S. ‘Master Clock’ Keepers Test Terrestrial Alternative to GPS >>

* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* Gigahertz Antenna-on-a-Chip Theory Is Questioned >>
* J. Craig Venter to Offer DNA Data to Consumers >>

* What Eric Schmidt gets right and wrong about the future of artificial intelligence >>
* ‘Tree of life’ for 2.3 million species released >>
* We’re all Surrounded by a Personal Cloud of Bacteria >>

* A 3d Food Printer Could Press And Print Your Next Meal >>
* 4 Billion People Are Still Without Internet >>
* New Coating Radiates Heat to Keep Solar Cells Cool—and More Efficient >>

* How Low-Tech Farming Innovation Can Make African Farmers Climate-Resilient >>
* This Week’s TV: A Ton of New Shows, But Only One of Them is Worth Your Time >>
* Humanity makes first ever withdrawal from the doomsday seed vaultRead more NewsCherry Trail HDMI stick PCs arrive, bringing big performance boost >>

* NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX 980 GPU For High-End Gaming Notebooks hardware.slashdot.org/story/15/09/22/1719237/nvidia-announces-geforce-gtx-980-gpu-for-high-end-gaming-notebooks? >>
* NASA’s Resource Prospector Mission Could Land On the Moon In 2020 >>
* Hands-On With The New Formlabs Form 2 3D Printer >>

* Artomatix Is An Artificially Intelligent Game Designing App >>
* Sony rolls out ‘Dungeon Defenders 2’ as a paid alpha on PS4 >>
* Cohero Health Aims To Improve Patient Care For The 26 Million American Asthma Sufferers >>

* Buttonmasher: The world simulators that let you practise reality >>
* Drone footage shows over 100 sharks gathered off the Florida coast >>
* Predicting The Future Primes Your Brain to Learn >>

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