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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 17 September 2015

* Nanoparticles Disguised As Blood Cells Could Destroy Diseases >>
* Home Energy Storage Enters a New Era >>
* Marine life dipped by 50% in 40 years >>

* Natural defence against HIV discovered >>
* Cloud-connected Roomba sucks (in a good way) >>
* Salesforce wants to dominate Internet of Things, Benioff says in keynote >>

* More Evidence for Coming Black Hole Collision >>
* Death-Diving Comet Plunges Into Sun | Video >>
* Lockheed offers TR-X Stealth Spyplane to replace the still in service 70 year old U2 Spyplane >>

* Researchers Demonstrate A Terahertz Multiplexer >>
* Four Child Inventors Who Weren’t Arrested And One Who Was >>

* A Genetic Database Will Identify What’s Really In Our Food >>
* Xerox’s Printable Memory Labels Can Store Data to Combat Counterfeits >>

* 8 Printable Martian Habitat Designs That We Want To Live In >>
* A Space Shotgun To Shoot At Asteroids >>

* Wi-Gig signals are bouncing off the walls, can’t settle on the sofa >>
* Video: Why Do All These Animals Hate Drones? >>
* NASA delays Orion capsule’s first manned flight until 2023 >>

* Researcher Trying To Teach Computer What Women He’s Attracted To >>
* Cortana in the car: Microsoft may use its digital assistant to get back on the road >>
* AT&T won’t slow down unlimited data users until they hit 22GB >>
* AT&T raises unlimited data cap from 5GB to 22GB >>

* Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will add an empathy button >>
* Here’s exactly what Mark Zuckerberg said about the ‘dislike’ button >>
* First Drone-Owning Brit Convicted Of Illegal Flying >>

* Talking to the IoT >>
* 360-degree video puts you in a bombed-out Syrian war zone >>
* Ocean Fish Numbers Cut in Half Since 1970 >>

* What does an Internet fiber-optic backbone cable look like anyway? >>
* Earth’s gravitational pull shrinking the Moon: Nasa >>
* Like humans, birds too fall in love >>

* Google’s moonshot businesses could be losing as much as $4 billion a year >>
* 3D-Printed Bubble House Made for Mars >>
* NASA: “Confirms Global Ocean on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus” >>

* Designing AI Infrastructures that Sustain the Human Race >>
* Tunable brain cells that morph on demand >>

* New optogenetics process could lead to neurological enhancements and treatments >>
* Body Talk With Magnets >>
* The Hunt For the Fat Gene >>

* bees-win-as-us-court-rules-against-neonicotinoid-pesticide >>
* Brain stimulation can alter our desire to punish wrongdoers >>

* Microsoft CEO wanders his house with HoloLens >>
* Spiderfab could enable 100+ meter space telescopes by 2022 >>
* Modified Mars Sample Return possible in 2022 to 2026 >>

* 2015-16 State of the Future >>
* Whoa! Sun-Watching Spacecraft Finds 3,000th Comet >>
* Construction of Crew Access Tower Starts at Atlas V Pad for Boeing ‘Starliner’ Taxi to ISS >>

* These Headphones Transmit Sound Into Your Skull >>
* Intelligent machines: Call for a ban on robots designed as sex toys >>
* If Your Robot Commits Murder, Should You Go to Jail? >>

* Could an airliner that flies anywhere in under three hours be in service by 2030? >>
* We’re on the Brink of a Revolution in Crazy-Smart Digital Assistants >>

* Nanoparticles in Disguise Are a More Potent Antibiotic Treatment >>
* These photos of F-22 Arctic Raptors in Alaska are so striking they look unreal >>
* Mysterious Google Patent Reveals Possibilities For The Future Of Google Glass >>

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