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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 September 2015

* The first 8K TV will go on sale soon for over $130,000 >>
* The False Science of Cryonics >>
* Thanks to VR, Your Next Meeting Might Be With Robots >>

* This Robotic Hand Wired to a Brain Implant Restored a Paralyzed Man’s Sense of Touch >>
* Lockheed’s New U-2 Successor Will Be Built For War >>
* What Would Happen If A Voyager-Like Probe Found Us? >>

* Turning Back The Biological Clock >>
* Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone ‘project Valley’ Set For January Release >>
* Scientists Have Built the World’s Shortest Wavelength Laser >>

* Jeff Bezos’ Space Company Now Has a Launchpad >>
* Nasa Tests Two Greener, Less-toxic Propellants >>

* These robotic legs could change the way helicopters land >>
* New Form Digital Is The New Hollywood, Combining New And Old Media For Online Distrubution >>

* A Facebook Dislike button is coming ‘soon’ >>
* UK’s first driverless ‘pod’ readies itself for public trials >>
* Sony rebrands Project Morpheus VR headset into PlayStation VR >>

* Artificially Intelligent Bosses And Perfectly Cloned Pets >>
* We bask in 5K glory with the Dell UltraSharp 27 UP2715K >>
* 3 Antibiotics Gang Up To Kill Deadly Staph >>

* Watch 50 drones controlled at once in a record-breaking swarm >>
* Science Explains Why We Really Do Need to Sleep a Third of Our Lives Away >>
* Beyond Memory: The Benefits of Sleep >>

* Porsche’s new electric concept car could give Tesla trouble >>
* Driving with Android Auto – review >>
* Nasa set to burn astronauts’ poop in space >>

* My day with a robot >>
* Philae video captures real-time comet landing >>
* How safe can artificial intelligence be? >>

* SpaceX has a revolutionary approach to landing on Mars >>
* Salesforce wants to make more sense out of the data from your own devices >>
* NASA just released this incredibly rare photo of a double solar eclipse >>

* 3D-Printed Bubble House Made for Mars >>
* Drones Are the New UFOs >>
* Ancient Human-Size Fish Breathed with Lungs >>

* Space-Time at Quantum-Scale –“Very Similar to Biological Networks of Cells and Human Brains” >>
* Launching ‘The Mars Generation’: Teen on Mission to Get People to Mars >>
* Blue Origin Invests $200 Million In Florida Launch Complex | Video >>

* Halfway Home: One-Year Space Crew Rallies for 6 More Months Off Earth >>
* Store Surveillance Keeps an Eye on Your Hair and Clothes >>
* Controlling brain cells with ultrasound >>

* B3 bomber will be a stealthy AWACS with a lot of missiles and bombs >>
* New U.S. Military Chip Self Destructs on Command >>
* NextGen Materials Design with Atom probe >>

* Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy >>
* How Scientists Use Hidden “Camera Traps” to Get Incredible Cameos of Animals in the Wild >>
* Life in Space Is a Giant Science Experiment >>

* In The First Allegiant Teaser, Tris’ Messiah Complex Goes Up To 11 >>
* First Detailed Public Map of U.S. Internet Backbone Could Make It Stronger >>
How Blue Origin’s Suborbital Rocket Ride Works (Infographic) >>

* A breakthrough in creating transparent brains >>
* Europe Gears Up for Land, Air, and Sea Robotics Competition >>
* Google Hires CEO for Self-Driving Car Business >>

* Nasa probe spots global ocean on Saturn’s moon >>

* Thousands Of Connected Cars To Roll Out Across U.S. >>
* Darpa Wants A Robotic Space Port >>
* Humpback Whale Almost Lands On Top Of Two Kayakers >>

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