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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 15 September 2015

* Deep Learning Machine Teaches Itself Chess in 72 Hours, Plays at International Master Level >>
* Darpa Put Robot Legs On A Helicopter Drone >>
* Darpa Taps Into The Brain To Give Patients Robo-touch And Better Memory >>

* US Military Foresees Robot-Run ‘Transportation Hub’ in Space >>
* This Helmet Will Make F-35 Pilots Missile-Slinging Cyborgs >>
* 10 Automakers Promise Automatic Emergency Braking in All Their U.S. Cars >>
* A super computer that knows if you’re going to die >>

* MIT Scientists Can Now 3D Print Optically Transparent Glass >>
* Fuel Made From Algae Could Help Fukushima—and the Rest of the World >>
* Cedar Point’s Giant New Coaster Will Shatter Ten World Records Next Year >>
* This Magic Mirror Reflects Clothing Onto Your Body >>

* World’s first all-electric propulsion satellite begins operations >>
* Intel’s new research group to tackle cybersecurity in connected cars >>

* New drug approach could overcome antibiotic resistance >>
* Researchers suspect a new dengue strain >>
* Scientists want to revive a 30,000 year old giant virus found in Russian permafrost >>

* Astronaut takes the record for longest time ever in space >>
* First realization of an electric circuit with a magnetic insulator using spin waves >>

* Stimulating Damaged Spines Rewires Rats for Recovery >>
* Silicon Nanoparticle Could be Heart of New Optical Transistor >>

* Uber Could Be First to Test Completely Driverless Cars in Public >>
* Drones + X >>
* The Mind-Bending Physics of a Tennis Ball’s Spin >>

* Life Older Than Earth –“Does Moore’s Law Imply Its Existence?” >>
* Gamma-Ray Afterglow Brighter Than an Entire Galaxy–“A Window Into the Young Universe” >>
* ExoPlanet Planet Climates –“Three Could Be Habitable” >>

* Global Pluto Mosaic From New Hi Res Imagery Reveals Bewildering Diversity and Complexity >>
* This Week’s TV: All of Doctor Who’s Arch-Enemies Are Showing Up At Once! >>

* Intel Curie opens vents in Chromat’s sports bra to keep you cool >>
* Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, And The Future Of Consoles >>

* NASA’s 4K-resolution space channel is the closest thing to being in space >>
* Engineers Dare Others To Build A Better Terahertz Multiplexer >>
* Cooperation Declines When We Can See Wealth >>

* Virtual Reality Viewfinders Show Sea Level Rise and What to Do about It >>
* The World Really Could Go Nuclear >>
* What I Learned While Wearing a Heart Monitor >>

* This one-slice toaster is perfect for people who live alone >>
* Spacex Dragon Capsule Could Bring Soil Samples Back From Mars >>
* India Mulls Using Nuclear Power For Its Chandrayaan-2 Mission To the Moon >>

* DARPA Working On Robotic Satellite Repair >>
* AltspaceVR Announces Its Chat Room Coming To Samsung Gear VR >>
* North Korea Plans Rocket Launch That Could Lead to Missile >>

* Sweden and France show that China, India and the World could go 100% nuclear within 25-34 years >>
* Lightweight solar cells track the sun, providing 40 percent more energy than fixed cells >>
* We Need Robots That Are Smart Enough to Ask for Help >>

* Finally, Fusion Takes Small Steps Toward Reality >>
* Porsche Takes Aim at Tesla With a Stunning Electric Concept >>
* Ras Labs Is Testing Futuristic Muscle Material That Could Make Robots Feel More Human >>

* Why Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is beefing up its rocket >>
* Intelligent Machines: The jobs robots will steal first >>
* New York is getting wired with traffic signals that can talk to cars >>

* This pill prevents type 1 diabetes from developing in mice >>
* Mercedes thinks a premium driverless taxi service would be a good idea >>
* Fall 2015 movie guide: the 34 films on our radar this awards season >>

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