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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 13 September 2015

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* New Antenna Could Give Mars Rovers a Direct Line to Earth >>
* China publishes first report written by ‘robot journalist’ >>

* How Does Your Oven’s Self-Clean Cycle Work? >>
* People now spend more time using apps than watching TV >>

* Textural printing lets you get handsy with famous paintings >>
* New photos show Pluto is as complex as ‘anything we’ve seen’ in solar system >>
* Sony Pictures Considered Buying Bittorrent Inc. >>

* A Cure for Blindness Just Might Come From Algae >>
* Siri will soon be listening in at ALL times: iOS 9 will switch feature on permanently to help you ask questions >>
* Laser Weapon Melts Test Drone in Midair >>

* No more delays! Computer predicts when transport will be disrupted TWO hours before it happens…and sends in extra trains >>
* Smart pill that can tell doctors if you haven’t taken it takes major step forward >>
* Smartphone-based nano-biosensors for early detection of tuberculosis >>

* We Really Wish This Sci-Fi Air Show Existed In This Reality >>
* Study: Humans Are Wired For Laziness >>
* This Artificially Intelligent Boss Means the Workplace Will Never Be the Same >>

* Kenmore Elite 14763 Dishwasher Review >>
* Canon reveals virtual reality prototype that you hold instead of wear >>
* Vint Cerf Wants Help Figuring Out the Future of the Internet and Communications >>

* Build a Dash Cam with a Raspberry Pi, Two Cameras, and GPS >>
* Gillmor Gang: God Only Knows >>
* The Perilous and Gorgeous World of Cave Photography >>

* NASA Releases New Crystal-Clear Images of Pluto >>
* The Dark-Matter Universe –“Could Contain Rich Physics and Potentially Complex Behavior” >>
* In the Solar System: Water, Water Everywhere, But Where to Drink? >>

* Boeing Supercopter SB-1 Defiant will be flying in 2017, Eurocopter X2 first flew in 2013 >>
* Cancer patient receives 3D-printed ribs in world-first surgery >>
* How curly nanowires can absorb more light to power nanoscale electronic circuits >>

* ‘Molecules’ made of light may be the basis of future computers >>
* Magnetic-permeability technology may radically lower disk-drive storage limits >>
* Discovery of Homo naledi adds a new branch to the human family tree >>

* Message to Aliens Needs to Reflect Gender Equality and Diversity, Experts Say >>
* Qualcomm Unveils its First Computer Board for Drones >>
* the SCI-FI Air Show >>

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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 September 2015

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* Steps to Interstellar laser pushed propulsion and a 16 year trip to Alpha Centauri >>
* Get Ready to Entrust Your Retirement to a Bot >>
* The CRISPR controversy: faster, cheaper gene editing vs. bioethicists >>

* Whiskey aged in space tastes like throat lozenges and rubbery smoke >>
* French Castles Cheaper to Rent Than San Francisco Apartments >>
* Solid State drives 128 Terabytes by 2018 and mass produced Hard Drives at 100TB by 2025 >>

* Weekly Space Hangout – Sept 11, 2015: New Horizons Pluto-Palooza! >>
* Extraterrestrial Life: The Giants are Coming… >>

* SpaceX Animates Crew Dragon’s In-Orbit Ride | Video >>
* SpaceX Unveils The Interior Of Crew Dragon | Video >>
* Researchers Create Quantum Dots that Transmit Identical Single Photons >>

* Video Friday: Eight-Legged Robot, CMU’s BallBot, and Rodney Brooks on AI >>
* “Tardis” Memory Could Enable Huge Multi-Core Computer Chips >>

* Gill Pratt Discusses Toyota’s AI Plans and the Future of Robots and Cars >>
* An Electric Car Heater Can’t Be Too Thin or Too Economical >>
* Internet of Things Solutions World Congress >>

* Why human genome editing research is essential >>
* New video series ‘Beyond the Desktop’ explores potential of 3-D printing >>

* Will The LHC Be The End Of Experimental Particle Physics? (Synopsis) >>
* Why You Shouldn’t Bother with a $699 Cancer Test >>
* Map of the World’s Neutrinos Exposes Nuclear Activity Wherever It’s Happening >>

* How International Monitors Spot Nukes and Other Rumblings >>
* Where In Our Galaxy Are All The Aliens? >>
* The World’s First 3D-Printed Titanium Rib Cage Is a Medical Marvel >>

* Genetically Modified Plants Could Eliminate Food Poisoning >>
* Hold This Magnet In Your Hand and It Stops Being a Magnet >>
* If We Burned All of Our Fossil Fuels, We’d Melt Antarctica >>

* Scientists Propose App That Detects Emotions Based On Walking Style >>
* The First Human Head Transplant Will Take Place in 2017 >>
* SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Capsule Looks Like a Luxury Sports Car >>

* DARPA envisages robotic satellite repair missions >>
* Scientists aim to treat septic shock with new, meshy dialysis device >>
* Philo’s streaming TV platform now covers over 40 universities >>

* Scientists track fish health by ‘finding Nemo’ >>
* DARPA shows off a crowd-sourcing radiation detector >>
* Wearable Sensor Knows Who’s Using Appliances >>

* Tech Five: Google rolls out Android Pay >>
* Miele Washers Tell You When You Need to Buy Detergent >>

* Cancer patient receives 3D printed ribs in world’s first such surgery >>
* A kitchen where machines can whip up 2,000 dishes >>

* List of the world’s top female futurists >>

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