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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 September 2015

* Implanted Sponges Soak Up Cancer Cells >>
* How scientists discovered our new human ancestor Homo naledi >>
* Apple’s Core Problem Is That It Can No Longer Innovate >>

* What’s Next After 25 Years of Wi-Fi? >>
* Elon Musk discusses making Mars more habitable by nuking the poles >>
* First Demonstration of Photonic Intelligence >>

* Organic ‘computers’ made of DNA could process data inside our bodies >>
* 4K Video on the iPhone 6s Is the Future, and No One Will Care >>
* NASA Struggles over Deep-Space Plutonium Power >>

* Scientists Urge Caution in Wake of “Transmittable” Alzheimer’s Claim >>
* New Apple TV Meta Hands-On: Touching and Talking Takes Some Practice >>
* A New Stretchable Conductor Can Extend to Twice Its Length >>

* Verizon’s 18GB shared data plan costs $100 >>
* Why Scientists are Training AI to Take Standardized Tests >>
* An Algorithm To Stop Joke Plagiarists >>

* Why NASA Wants Microsoft’s HoloLens in Space >>
* New Species of Human Discovered in “The Cradle of Humankind” >>
* New Horizon’s Team Delves into the Mystery of Charon’s “Red Pole” >>

* Peering Into Nanoparticles One at a Time Reveals Hidden World >>
* Robotic Space Hedgehogs Destined to Tumble Across Asteroids >>
* Mosquitos Have Brought a Nasty New Disease to the Americas. Can Computer Models Predict Its Spread? >>

* Baidu’s Duer Joins the Virtual Assistant Party >>
* See How Goo Squirting Into Other Goo Makes Shifting Geometric Patterns >>

* Apple TV Is A Huge Missed Opportunity >>
* The Most Interesting Part of Apple’s Presentation Wasn’t a Gadget >>
* The next version of Apple? It’s all about services >>
* Apple ‘isn’t reinventing the world’ anymore >>

* Oxygen doesn’t always point to alien life: Study >>
* Super-sensitive Ebola test could curb disease spread >>
* Ultrafast electron camera visualizes ripples in 2-D material >>

* Microsoft Announces Office 2016 Will Arrive September 22 >>
* Salesforce Launches App Cloud, Integrated Mobile Development Platform >>

* IBM Watson Health Begins To Take Shape >>
* How idea adoption works–The Idea Progression >>

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