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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 10 September 201

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* Samsung will double the memory of high end smartphones to 6 Gigabytes >>
* Smart Mouthguard Monitors Your Saliva, and Your Health >>

* Graphene’s Killer App? Measuring Electrical Resistance >>
* Japanese Paper Cutting Trick for Moving Solar Cells >>

* AI Software Goes Up Against Fourth Graders on Science Tests >>
* Why NASA Wants Microsoft’s HoloLens in Space >>
* Despite Hacking Concerns, Computerization And Networking Of Cars Are Good Things >>

* A New Algorithm Can Predict Subway Delays Two Hours Before They Happen >>
* Researchers Are Making 3D-Printed Penises to Test What Women Think About Size >>
* Robots can be used to record repair instructions for future ISS crew >>

* The Scientist Who Is Making 3D Printing More Human >>
* Lipid DNA origami may lead to advanced future nano machines >>
* Hedgehog Rovers Hop and Tumble In Microgravity >>

* 5-Million-Degree Plasma ‘Tornado’ Rages on the Sun (Video) >>
* Everything’s Relative: The Discovery of Space-Time (Podcast) >>
* Wow! Space Station Astronauts Awed by Dazzling Auroras (Video) >>

* HIV may kill most cells by a method overlooked for years >>
* After Einstein, a New Generation Tries to Create a Theory of Everything >>
* Artificial ‘plants’ could fuel future cars >>

* Eye test to spot future sports stars >>
* Now, a car powered by whisky residue >>
* There’s chaos on a Greek island where refugees make up roughly a quarter of the population >>

* Electronic Health Records Software Often Written without Doctors’ Input >>
* The Robot Will See You Now >>
* Were the First Flowers Aquarium Plants? >>

* Apple unveils 12.9 inch iPad Pro which will have a physical keyboard like Microsoft and a Stylus like Samsung Galaxy >>
* iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus Start at $200 and $300. Available for Pre-Order September 12th. >>
* iPhone 6S Plus: All About Apple’s More Powerful Monster >>

* The New Apple TV Is an App-Powered Fun Machine >>
* The new Apple TV is running a new operating system called tvOS >>

* The New Apple TV Remote Packs A Touch Surface, Microphone And Motion Sensors >>
* The new Apple TV brings apps, Siri and a touchpad remote for $149 >>

* Apple unveils speedy A9 and A9X processors >>
* What an IT Career Will Look Like 5 Years Out >>
* For the first time, a Microsoft exec appeared on stage at Apple’s new product event >>

* The Website That Visualizes Human Activity in Cities Across the World >>
* Photonic laser propulsion roadmap to laser pushed wafersats to 25% lightspeed >>
* DARPA has smallest highly integrated chip for authenticating any component >>

* Russia has mach 3.5 missile for Sukhoi PAK FA fighter >>

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