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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 9 September 2015

* Laser can ‘disable self-drive car’ >>
* ISS experiment confirms whiskey aged in space tastes different >>
* Fujitsu’s tiny 20Gbps receiver could transfer massive files instantly >>

* Verizon starts ‘5G’ field tests in 2016 >>
* Using Technology to Break the Speed Barrier of Reading >>
* This Self-Rolling Yoga Mat Will Only Make You Lazier >>

* Cryptographers Brace for Quantum Revolution >>
* Cancer trap grabs wandering tumour cells to warn of early spread >>
* How to Decode Cat Behaviors >>
* More Evidence That Animals Have Sophisticated Mental Machinery >>

* Peter Thiel Backs Biotech “Unicorn” Fighting Cancer Stem Cells >>
* New Appoach targets Cancer Stem Cells and uses tens of thousands of animal models >>

* World View Offers Cost-Sharing Balloon Flights to Stratosphere >>
* NASA’s Europa Mission May Land on Ocean-Harboring Moon >>
* Future US Marines need speed to cover 300 mile battlezone before reaching the beach >>

* Experiments Show How Lasers Can Despin Asteroids by Turning Them Into Rockets >>
* Graphene and Perovskite Lead to Inexpensive and Highly Efficient Solar Cells >>

* The Website That Visualizes Human Activity in Cities Across the World >>
* Dna And Protein Combine To Create Nanowire >>

* Amazon reportedly planning to release a $50 tablet this year >>
* New Horizons: River of Data Commences >>
* Even Spaceflight Will Be Impacted By Sea Level Rise >>

* Autonomous Underwater Robots Could Cause Deadly Accidents, Warns Un Think Tank >>
* The L.A. Philharmonic Goes Virtual, With Oculus’s Help >>
* Hitachi Hires Artificially Intelligent Bosses For Their Warehouses >>

* This Cave May Hold Clues To Future Climate Change >>
* Microsoft puts the focus on focus in Dynamics CRM 2016 >>
* This Gene Variant Delays Alzheimer’s By 10 Years >>

* Verizon’s 5G wireless network will be fast enough to download a movie in 15 seconds >>
* 3D Printed Wind-Powered Smartphone Charger for Cyclists >>
* 3D Printed Air Conditioner from Haier >>

* Artificial ‘plants’ could fuel the future >>
* ‘Body maps’ of babies’ brains created >>
* NASA creates Hedgehog robot to traverse asteroids >>

* Six Recent Trends in Robotics and Their Implications >>
* Lipid DNA origami may lead to advanced future nanomachines >>

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