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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 September 2015

* Apple ups hiring, but faces obstacles to making phones smarter >>
* Solve >>
* Android Pay Can Be Tricked Into Running On Some Phones Right Now >>

* Self-sweeping laser could dramatically shrink 3D mapping systems >>
* First known magnetic wormhole created >>
* Canon creates 120-megapixel DSLR camera >>

* Magnetic Refrigeration is a Real Thing. Here’s How it Works. >>
* This Is Your Brain On Google’s Deep Dream Neural Network >>
* Windows Telemetry Rolls Out >>

* LG develops 111-inch double-sided 4K OLED TV >>
* Prototype vending machine prepares freshly cooked fries >>
* Ground-penetrating radar reveals huge monument near Stonehenge >>

* How $100 And Knowledge Of Wireless Protocols Could Bring Cities To A Standstill >>
* Hands On With LG’s Flat 4K OLED TVs: Time To Kiss The Curve Goodbye? >>
* Introducing the First Vehicle Powered by Evaporation >>

* Tech helps refugees make journey – and survive when they arrive >>
* Will Artificial Intelligence Surpass Our Own? >>
* Spider galaxies spotted eating gas caught in the cosmic web >>

* ‘Gene signature’ to sound Alzheimer’s early warning >>
* Scientists find how body keeps balance while jogging >>
* Here’s What We Know About the New Apple TV >>

* Apple is about to hold the biggest event it’s had in years — here’s what to expect >>
* 12 of the most impressive professors at MIT >>
* Google’s voice transcription software is censoring swear words >>

* Infants more likely to catch whooping cough from siblings than mothers >>
* Researchers use laser to levitate, glowing nanodiamonds in vacuum >>
* Scientists witness and measure displacement of atoms >>

* The future of immigration: rational v emotional response >>
* Vitamin C can reduce heart disease >>

* New test developed to measure healthy aging >>
* The Debate Between the Economists and the Technologists, Who Wins? >>
* Back to school >>

* Fujitsu sidesteps data scientists with a move toward tuned machine learning >>
* Scientists Can Levitate Nanodiamonds in a Vacuum Using Laser Light >>

* The truth is out, robots are us >>
* This Glass Will Let You Enjoy Whiskey in Microgravity >>
* NASA UHD will be the first full-time 4K channel in the US >>

* Apple wants more staff to work on artificial intelligence >>
* Astronauts report an “overview effect” from the awe of space travel >>

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