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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 September 2015

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* The Future Is African >>
* This AI Creates Interactive Fiction >>
* Israel gets fifth diesel electric submarine as backbone of nuclear deterrent against Iran >>

* Explore The Galaxy Far, Far Away With This Interactive Map >>
* 4K is boring and other musings on the failures of innovation >>
* When Discrimination Is Baked Into Algorithms >>

* Future phones could zap motion sickness away with electricity >>
* In Case You Missed It: A cloud-seeding attempt, a 3-D–printed office and more! >>
* Drone captures construction progress of new Apple Campus >>

* A new type of bandage will draw out bacteria and speed up healing >>
* The Subatomic Race to Harness Quantum Science >>
* The Case For The 32-Hour Workweek >>

* Pirate Party Offers Uncensored Dns To Bypass Pirate Bay Blockade >>
* First 3D map of Earth’s interior shows where volcanoes come from >>
* Intel 6th generation core processor for triple batterey life and 2.5 times better performance >>

* Full invisibility for UAVs and other vehicles might be possible in near future with cloaking progress >>
* Armed Robotic ground vehicles patrolling Israeli borders >>
* Canon’s New 250-Megapixel Camera Sensor is Wonderfully Excessive >>

* UK warns parents about ’90s internet teen slang >>

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