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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 3 September 2015

* `Your Smartphone Can Tell If You’re Bored >>
* Google Life Sciences Makes Diabetes Its First Big Target >>
* Mitosens Mitochondrial Repair Project >>

* Earth Has 3 Trillion Trees Per New Count >>
* You can drive this robot vacuum with your smartphone >>

* MAVEN Using Stars To Study Mars’ Atmosphere | Video >>
* Elliptical Galaxies –“More Likely to Be the Cradles of Life in the Universe” >>
* Hitchhiker to the Outer System >>

* AI Robot Learns Words In Real Time >>
* Hacking Aging >>
* Roots of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s May Be in How You Sleep >>

* Soyuz Snaps Amazing View of Space Station Dock Switch | Time-Lapse Video >>
* Alien Oceans’ Glint Could Reveal Habitable Water Worlds >>
* Open Source Project Proposes Vision-Free Grasping With RFID and Touchscreens >>

* Google’s Self-Driving Cars Roam Roads in Texas >>
* R+D 100 Technology Conference >>
* This Star Wars Casting News Changes Everything. Plus ANOTHER Wild Spider-Man Rumor! >>

* NASA Teams Up With Hoverboard Company to Build a Magnetic “Tractor Beam” >>
* New Apple TV reportedly starts at $149, packs universal search >>
* Miley Cyrus And The Future Of Disintermediation >>

* A Look At Open Bionics’ 3D-Printed Robotic Hands For Amputees >>
* Hollywood studios begin suing Popcorn Time users >>
* Dark-Matter Experiment on Space Station Hits a Glitch >>

* Knotty network could have powered universe’s early growth spurt >>
* Quantum weirdness proved real in first loophole-free experiment >>
* Atlas V delivers military satellite to orbit >>

* Intel’s Skylake chip promises visual logins, wireless charging >>
* World’s first supersonic car to be unveiled on September 24 >>

* Wasp poison shown to kill cancer cells selectively >>
* Earth has three trillion trees: study >>
* Bill Gates is betting on this genetically modified strain of rice that can survive floods >>

* New Apple TV ‘to feature A8 chip but lack 4K support’ >>
* This New Telescope Might Show Us the Beginning of the Universe >>
* The Future of Business >>

* GM embryos: time for ethics debate, say scientists >>
* NASA selects Kuiper Belt Flyby as next target beyond Pluto >>
* NEW VIDEO! 8 Incredible Deep Sea Oddities >>

* VR Chains and DAC Brains: Upload your mind as a VR AI DAC >>
* The Imminent World War III: A long protracted Abyss >>

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