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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 2 September 2015

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* Proposed design for future armored warship with railguns, lasers and drones >>
* Largest gas field in the Mediterranean Sea off the shore of Egypt >>
* Can aerial dog fences help curb wayward drones? >>

* Science can save your melting ice cream cone >>
* Scientists “Squeeze a Single Light Particle” >>

* Alien Chemistry of Exo-Planets? >>
* Tropical Storm Erika Delayed Blastoff for US Navy set for Sept. 2 on Most Powerful Atlas V Rocket: Watch Live >>
* NASA developing megawatt solar power arrays and will coming with solar electric propulsion >>

* Tesla Model S driven 452 Miles On A Single Charge >>
* DARPA Wants Swarms of Cheap “Gremlin” Drones >>
* Researchers Employ Baxter Robot to Help the Blind >>

* New Smartphone Attempts to Finally Solve the Storage Problem >>
* Distant Neutrinos Detected Below Antarctic Ice >>
* Why Is Nest’s Smart Thermostat Getting Bigger? >>

* Digitize The Planet Could Bring Your Entire Ephemera Online >>
* Seabirds Are Eating Tons of Plastic, and the Problem is Getting Worse >>
* Device Revives Disembodied Hearts That Have Stopped Beating >>

* Watch An Mit Golf Cart Drive Itself Around >>
* Fly By Pluto In This New Nasa Video >>
* Seagate births 8TB triplets and a 2TB mobile nipper >>

* The top of the line Tesla Model X will cost you $132,000 >>
* ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ multiplayer test starts in early October >>
* LG will upgrade your old webOS TV with some fresh features >>

* Intel says GPU malware is no reason to panic—yet >>
* Neato Robotics’ new Botvac Connected robot vacuum sports lasers and Wi-Fi >>
* Continental break-up set the stage for life in Earth’s mantle >>

* Team Uses Laser To De-spin A Tiny ‘asteroid’ >>
* Sensors Save Lung Transplant Patients from Organ Failure >>
* Can a Computer Tell Whether Something Was Written by a Man or a Woman? >>

* ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ beta launches next month >>
* Scientists identify protein that will help treatment of arthritis >>
* Use of antibiotics may lead to diabetes: Study >>

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