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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 1 September 2015

* Algorithm turns any picture into the work of a famous artist >>
* Tired of memorizing passwords? A Turing Award winner came up with this algorithmic trick >>
* Watch This Guy Fly In A 54-Propeller Super Drone >>

* Sensor Predicts Which Donated Lungs Will Fail After Transplant >>
* Sony’s new smartwatch packs all its tech in the wristband >>
* Scientists Add Ingredient To Make Ice Cream Melt Slower >>

* Google’s Self-driving Cars In Austin Have Removed Humans Entirely >>
* Watch Two Real People Pass A Torch In A Virtual Reality World >>

* “Molecular Tweeting” Could Hold the Key to Busting Superbugs >>
* Transplant Surgeons Revive Hearts After Death >>

* How Artificial Intelligence Can Fight Air Pollution in China >>
* Longer lasting ice-cream developed by scientists >>
* Black+Decker Just Solved Streaky Windows >>

* People could use breath to ‘speak’ >>
* Concentrator Photovoltaics: The Next Step Towards Better Solar Power >>
* Why California Rules the Robocar Industry >>

* Netflix plans for future without movies from Epix >>
* Pluto probe new horizons has A few Scientific flybys left >>
* A daily walk ‘can add seven years to your life’ >>

* Renewable Energy is Good for Your Health >>
* New Sensor Predicts Which Lung Transplants Will Fail >>
* NASA Mulling Life-Hunting Mission to Saturn Moon Enceladus >>

* Our Galaxy’s Heart Glows in Psychedelic X-Ray Light >>
* Millions of drones by 2025 and a million military grade drones by 2030 >>
* 1 to 10 billion earthlike planets in the Milky Way Galaxy >>

* Google will alert you to severe weather >>
* The mystery of the ‘alien plughole’ on Mars >>
* Dark Matter May Be More Complex Than Physicists Thought >>

* First Video Camera to Use Artificial Intelligence to Identify and Self-Edit >>
* 10 Amazing Robots That Will Change the World >>
* Black Stainless adds a modern edge to your kitchen. >>

* Computers Can Predict Schizophrenia Based on How a Person Talks >>
* Tiny Space Telescope to Aim at ‘Super-Earth’ Atmospheres >>
* Expandable space stations will be tested and proven in space within 12 months >>

* Nuclear Energy and Uranium through 2024 >>
* A Really Small Telescope Captured This Gorgeous Galaxy Image >>
* Antimatter Will Surf on Plasma Waves in the Particle Colliders of the Future >>

* How Technology Is Fueling The Push Toward Solar >>
* Micro Robots Will Sense Toxins And Deliver Medicine >>
* This 3D-Printed Working Model of a 787’s Jet Engine Has Impressive Thrust >>

* Developers can now use Embarcadero’s RAD Studio for Windows 10 apps >>
* Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Latest Feature Reveal Highlights Machine Learning Security Engine >>
* LG sensor adds smarts to your ‘dumb’ home appliances >>

* Your First 10 Customers Can Make Or Break You >>
* Swan’s Springy Neck Inspires Better Drone Cameras >>
* Traveling Backward in Time Is Kind of Hard >>

* A New Billion-Mile Journey for New Horizons >>
* Genetic stability key to switching off ageing >>
* Now, a wireless pacemaker sans surgery >>

* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* Seeing quantum motion >>
* Smallest 3-D camera offers brain surgery innovation >>

* This algorithm can create a new Van Gogh or Picasso in just an hour >>
* Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned: The Myth of the Objective >>
* How mass extinctions can accelerate robot evolution >>

* Engineered bacteria form multicellular circuit to control protein expression >>
* TSC 2016 The Science of Consciousness >>
* ‘Artificial leaf’ harnesses sunlight for efficient, safe hydrogen fuel production >>

* Light-speed interconnects may lead to ultra-high-speed computers >>
* Russia plans to fly new hypersonic scramjet prototypes in 2019 or 2020 >>
* How to capture and convert CO2 from a smokestack in a single step >>

* Is a Cambrian Explosion Coming for Robotics? >>

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