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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 August 2015

* Police Taser drones authorized in N.D. >>
* 1 billion used Facebook in a day: Zuckerberg >>
* How to Build a Space Elevator From Scratch >>

* Live cells stuck together like Velcro could mend broken hearts >>
* Solar Device Shatters Records For Splitting Water >>
* Amazon Developing TV Series Based On Galaxy Quest >>

* 3 lessons IBM’s Watson can teach us about our brains’ biases >>
* NASA simulates Mars mission by locking up people in a tiny dome >>
* Is technology keeping us tethered to work? >>

* A Drone Hovering In Place Took These Perfect Timelapses of Earth’s Surface >>
* What Is Parallax? >>

* “A Billion Miles Beyond Pluto” — NASA New Horizons to Probe Unexplored Kuiper Belt Objects >>
* New Boss on Construction Sites Is a Drone >>
* A Wildly Detailed 100-Year Plan for Getting Humans to Mars >>

* Gillmor Gang: Dog Days >>
* This Man Is About to Put a Robot in Your Pocket >>
* 3D printed 120 micron long microfish with microject engines could be efficient bloodstream robots >>

* Boeing shows off its portable drone-killing laser >>
* Scientists Find A Double Black Hole Inside A Nearby Quasar >>
* Nielsen Is Tracking What We Like to Watch on Netflix >>

* Boeing Unveils Its Anti-drone Laser Weapon >>
* This Experiment First Cracked the Genetic Code—But Most People Have Never Heard of It >>
* Synthetic Heart Tissue Sticks Like Velcro >>

* Darpa Wants Friendly Gremlin Drones >>
* In Bmw Electric Car, Software ‘coding’ Unlocks Hidden Features Owners Want >>
* Concept Video: Your Next Plane Could Take Off Vertically >>

* New Instrument Captures the Secret Lives of Cells >>
* Theory explaining Electromagnetic energy without radiation could be important physics breakthrough >>
* Speech-classifier program is better at predicting psychosis than psychiatrists >>

* Extreme pressure reveals new phenomenon in atomic nuclei >>
* Video Friday: Mini Surgical Robot, Precision Drones, and Bioinspired Robotics at Harvard >>
* US B-3 stealth bomber planned for 2025 will try to get through pickets of large anti-stealth radar drones >>

* New Target For New Horizons – Boldly Going | Orbit Animation >>
* NASA’s Next Nuclear-Powered Mars Rover: Building the Beast >>
* If Technology removes limits will there be larger families ? >>

* Daimler’s self-driving 18-wheelers ready to take to the autobahn >>
* What human emotions do we really want of artificial intelligence? >>
* Google’s App Search Results Now Look More Like An App Store >>

* Next iPhone will shoot 4K video, blog says >>
* Astronomers uncover evidence of galaxy metamorphosis >>
* Can’t put your phone down? You may be a nomophobe >>

* NASA Just 3-D Printed Part of a Rocket >>
* Why Physicists Are So Excited About ‘neutrino Effect’ >>
* Purple Potatoes Slow Colon Cancer In Mice >>

* Announcing The Disrupt SF 2015 Agenda >>
* IoT And The Rise Of Subscription Marketing >>

* DARPA CRAFT Program Aims for Affordable Designer Circuits that Do More with Less Power >>
* DARPA working on several approaches for new advanced materials >>

* Photos Show How NASA Removed Tanks from Retired Space Shuttles for Station >>
* Is NASA Serious About Humans To Mars? | Video >>
* Scientists Send Kombucha to Space in Search for Extraterrestrial Life >>

* “Metamorphosis” –The Evolution of Galaxies: The Basic Building Block of the Observable Universe >>
* ‘Xombie’ Rocket Got Brains! Proves New Mars Landing System | Video >>

* Electric Glue Can Set Anywhere >>
* World population will be around 15-25 billion in 2100 and will increase through 2200 because of African fertility >>

* A Clearer Outlook for Quantum Dot-Enabled Solar Windows >>
* Robots With Smooth Moves Are Up to 40% More Efficient >>
* Nanomagnet computers could consume one-tenth the power of today’s microprocessors >>

* The Large Cloud of Magellan >>
* Self-Repairing Material Could Prevent Spaceship Catastrophes >>
* What is Earth’s Average Temperature? >>

* Nano – meet her: AMD’s Radeon R9 4K graphics card for non-totally bonkers gamers, people >>
* AMD’s Powerful New R9 Nano Graphics Card Fits In Small Places >>
* Would you pay to avoid ads on YouTube? >>

* Researchers turn to seaweeds to develop new antibiotics >>
* ‘Microwave diamonds’: Girl’s new best friend >>
* Blood test ‘detects cancer relapse’ >>

* Could Alien Life Spread ‘Like a Virus’ to the Stars? >>
* Tiny Space Telescope to Aim at ‘Super-Earth’ Atmospheres >>
* 3D Printing Makes a Complex Brain Surgery Possible, Saving The Life of a 50-year-old Woman in China >>

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