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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 27 August 2015

* 3D-Printed Microfish May Soon Inject Themselves In Your Body >>
* YouTube Gaming launching today to challenge Twitch’s livestreaming dominance >>
* LG’s non-curved 4K OLED TVs are finally here >>

* Light-based data transmission can replace wires in hospitals >>
* Uber announces new research project for self-driving cars >>
* Dawn Drops To 1470km Orbit, Snaps Sharper Pictures of Ceres >>

* Researchers may have found a cancer cell’s ‘off’ switch >>
* more-than-100-billion-billion-earth-like-planets-might-exist >>
* Hormones boost placebo effect by making you want to cooperate >>

* Exercise May Not Boost Brains Of Frail Elderly >>
* Newest LG OLED TVs primed for dynamic 4K video future >>
* Finally! A Robot That Serves Beer >>

* Indian scientists discover Alzheimer’s dark secrets >>
* There’s a Massive Battle Brewing Over the Future Of Wi-Fi >>
* Braille ‘dot’ smartwatch developed for blind people >>

* Blood test could predict breast cancer’s return: study >>
* VR headsets are coming — and success will rest on games and media from developers >>

* 22 Years of Sea Level Rise Measured From Space | Video >>
* India’s 1st Mars Probe Captures Stunning 3D View of Huge Chasm >>
* The Universe of 2-D Materials Expands in the Real World >>

* Why You Probably Don’t Care About a Fuel Cell iPhone That Can Run for a Week >>
* Russia shows off supersonic combusting ramjet engine at airshow and expects hypersonic cruise missile around 2021 >>
* Ultrathin Solar Cells for Lightweight and Flexible Applications >>

* When Virtual Reality Collides with Reality, It’s Surreal >>
* Estimate: Human Brain 30 Times Faster than Best Supercomputers >>
* An Outline of The Uses of Supertall Towers >>

* Modumetal nanolaminated steel and zinc can be ten times stronger and corrosion resistant >>
* How to reprogram cancer cells back to normal >>
* Anti-aging effects (in mice) of a dietary supplement called alpha lipoic acid >>

* How fast are we moving through space? (Synopsis) >>
* ‘Tricorder’-style handheld MouthLab detects patients’ vital signs, rivaling hospital devices >>
* Uber Project May Improve Autonomous Cars’ Vision >>

* Track and Field World Championships 2015 >>
* Microsoft Says Programmable Chips Will Make AI Software Smarter >>
* Touchpad Has 20,000 Sensors and Can Interpret 16 Touches at Once >>

* People With Schizophrenia Have Different Throat Bacteria >>
* This Is The Vehicle That Will Replace The Humvee >>
* Robotic Microfish Can Sense and Remove Toxins From Their Environment >>

* Windows 10 Is Doing Pretty OK Actually >>
* Stephen Hawking’s New Theory on Black Holes is Fantastically Insane >>
* The Flu Vaccine That Lasts a Lifetime is Coming >>

* Ever wanted to look at a millipede’s genitals? >>
* You can spend a day watching Star Wars toys get unboxed live on YouTube >>
* Watching a spacecraft fall in the desert >>

* Google inviting very small number of developers into futuristic Project Soli >>
* Researchers find pathway that controls metabolism and will try to use it to cure obesity >>
* Progress to Smaller, Cheaper Particle Colliders and efficient antimatter production >>

* A German Robot Learned to Cook Pizza by Watching YouTube and Reading WikiHow Read more at >>
* DARPA CRAFT Program Aims for Affordable Designer Circuits that Do More with Less Power >>
* DARPA working on several approaches for new advanced materials >>

* Reports of improved jet engines in China and development for a mach 5 test plane faster than the SR71 Blackbird >>
* Researchers find pathway that controls metabolism and will try to use it to cure obesity >>
* Samsung unveils higher capacity Lithium ion batteries for electric bikes to provide 100 kilometer range in one charge >>

* Hitachi Developing Dual-Armed Robot for Warehouse Picking >>
* Scientists Discover That Proteins in Your Body Can Make Plutonium Glow >>
* LG Made A Full-Size Keyboard For Mobiles That Folds Into A Stick To Fit In Your Bag >>

* $1 Million More a Year Could Save Kiwi Birds from Extinction >>
* Soon, solid-state batteries that can last forever >>
* Black holes are a passage to another universe, says Stephen Hawking >>

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