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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 25 August 2015

* Cataracts Melt Away Thanks To New Eye Drops Containing Steroid Lanosterol >>
* Cancer cells programmed back to normal by US scientists >>
* Motorola’s new camera is a massive upgrade over anything it’s done before >>

* Robots: They make pancakes and pizza, just like us >>
* Scientists create a ‘wormhole’ for magnetic fields >>
* How Einstein Discovered General Relativity amid War, Divorce and Rivalry >>

* Microsoft is turning the iPhone’s camera into a 3D scanner >>
* Police secretly track cellphones to solve routine crimes >>
* Shuddle starts new carpool-for-kids service >>
* How to save a wet phone >>

* Amazon wants a drone traffic controller >>
* Ants take medicine when sick, finds new study >>
* Neurons that help us form habits discovered >>

* Nano medicine breakthrough a giant leap for India >>
* China share slump: How it affects the rest of the world >>
* Deep Dream: Artificial intelligence meets hallucinations >>

* Plasma Rocket Technology Receives NASA Funding Boost >>
* Japanese Cargo Ship Delivers Mice, Booze and More to Space Station >>
* Microwave Oven Is Key to Safer Quantum Dot Manufacturing >>

* Second Gerald Ford class super aircraft carrier on track for delivery to US Navy in 2016 >>
* Supramolecular nanofibers could create super efficient solar energy >>
* Mostly Mute Monday: A Pulsing Cosmic Echo (Synopsis) >>

* System Routes Internet Traffic Around Countries You Don’t Trust >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* A New Energy Plant In Hawaii Generates Power From Ocean Temperature Extremes >>

* Here’s Proof That Most Teleporters Have a Very Limited Imagination >>
* Carbon Nanotube Implants Could Help Diagnose Medical Conditions >>
* Mit’s New 3d Printer Can Print 10 Materials Simultaneously >>

* Gillmor Gang: Alphabet Soup >>
* Universal has made $5.5 billion this year without a superhero or YA movie >>
* The After Math: A robot fights for funding, vaping’s vote of confidence >>

* Real-life first-person shooter created to survive the zombie apocalypse >>
* Kentucky Man Arrested After Shooting Down Drone >>
* USC student Cosmo Scharf peers into the future of Virtual Reality >>

* NASA wants to turn astronauts’ poop into food >>
* Drug to counter nuclear radiation effects >>
* A Grand Unveiling: Inside the Big Ideas Hatched at the 2015 Graduate Studies Program >>

* James Webb Space Telescope Looks Like Gold Plated Space Origami >>
* Quantum computer firm D-Wave claims massive performance boost >>
* We need a new version of capitalism for the jobless future >>

* Making hydrogen fuel from water and visible light at 100 times higher efficiency >>
* RB2015: Molecular Networks that Lead to Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s Disease: Philip De Jager >>

* Skylake Has a Voice DSP and Listens To Your Commands >>
* Study: HoloLens could replace PCs as the preferred workplace computer >>
* Microsoft’s Cortana launches on Android with public beta >>

* Netflix to Add Films and TV Series for Teenagers >>
* 3-D Printing To Catch The Wind — Micro And Large Wind Turbines >>
* Robots Are Coming For Our Jobs, Just Not All of Them >>

* Windows 95 Was The Most Important Operating System Of All Time >>
* A Way to Make Depth-Sensing Cameras Better >>
* Resveratrol Does Strange Things To Dog’s Immune System >>

* Accessibility tech in a hearing-centric world >>
* Sony unveils drone prototype that looks like a miniature airplane >>
* Leaked images reveal Huawei’s Nexus with an unusual camera bump >>

* Age Is Irrelevant When It Comes to Fitness >>
* Network Economies: Economic System as a Configurable Parameter >>
* Why wind — and soon solar — are already cheaper than fossil fuels >>

* Pakistan starts construction of two 1100 MWe nuclear reactors >>
* Rechargeable batteries with almost indefinite lifetimes coming, say MIT-Samsung engineers >>
* Gigantic Antarctic Instrument, IceCube, Finds Mysterious Cosmic Neutrinos >>

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