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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 20 August 2015

* Gene therapy cures blindness by replacing vision cells in eyes >>
* Stephen Hawking’s speech tech released by Intel >>
* Artificially intelligent security cameras can spot crimes before they happen >>

* This cheap Chinese phone is incredibly good >>
* A drone flew over a molten lava river and the video is breathtaking >>
* Google has a plan to connect 5 billion people to the internet for the first time >>

* Physicists Unveil First Quantum Interconnect >>
* Google launches a smartphone for Africa that costs less than $100 >>
* DirecTV’s first 4K set-top box works with any screen >>

* ‘Quantum dot’ technology may help light the future >>
* Robots Discover How Cooperative Behavior Evolved in Insects >>
* First Near-Fully Formed Brain Grown In Lab, Ohio State Scientists Say >>

* MIT and Samsung Researching Solid-State Batteries >>
* How You Watch Sports Is About to Change Forever With Virtual Reality >>
* Boeing Patent for a flying drone that can transforme for submarine travel >>

* Technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed, says 140 years of data >>
* Most complete functioning human-brain model to date, according to researchers >>
* Broadband Laser Sees Infrared >>

* Are you a thinking thing? Why debating machine consciousness matters >>
* A brain-computer interface for controlling an exoskeleton >>
* Most complete functioning human-brain model to date, according to researchers >>

* Surprising results from brain and cognitive studies of a 93-year-old woman athelete >>
* A Robotic Replacement Leg Struts Its Stuff >>
* Intel’s Reinvention of the Hard Drive Could Make All Kinds of Computers Faster >>

* A Solar-powered Mayflower Will Cross The Atlantic In 2020 >>
* Parallels 11 Can Put Microsoft’s Cortana on Your Mac >>
* This Mouse Can Be Wirelessly Controlled With LED Light >>

* Could the Best Windows 10 Laptop Be a Mac? >>
* The Future Of The Web Is All About Context >>
* Intel Skylake CPU details revealed: These faster, more power-efficient chips can even drive three 4K monitor >>

* The Engadget Show 42: Expand with OUYA, Google, DJ Spooky, robots, space, hardware startups and more! >>
* Scientists grow almost full human brain in lab >>
* The mind-bending messiness of the Ashley Madison data dump >>

* Discover your Star Wars alter-ego in time for The Force Awakens >>

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