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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 19 August 2015

* MRI scans can deliver cancer therapy >>
* Macy’s turns on ‘Smart Dressing Rooms’ to combat Amazon >>
* Scientists stimulate mouse brains with wireless ‘charger’ >>

* Report: New Apple TV will run iOS 9 >>
* Meteorite impacts may have created building blocks of life >>
* Here’s A Video Of A 6 Foot Tall Humanoid Robot Stomping Through A Forest >>

* Intel’s revolutionary 3D XPoint technology hitting high-speed ‘Optane’ SSDs next year >>

* How to turn your Windows 10 PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot >>
* Revisiting How Much RAM Is Enough Today For Desktop Computing >>
* Google brings Android One devices to Africa >>

* Windows 10 won’t run old games with dodgy copy protection >>
* ‘Free’ Windows 10 Makes Expensive Software Changes >>

* Mri Scanner Steers Cancer-killing Virus Inside The Body >>
* Tiny Wireless Device Inside Mice Sends Light To Nerves >>
* ‘Eiffel Tower’ Prominence Towers Over The Sun >>

* Thousands Of Sungrazing Comets Revealed By Orbiting Observatories | Video >>
* Existence of a Solar System Twice the Age of Ours –“Has Far-Reaching Implications” >>
* Startups Design Wearables for Frail Seniors >>

* Lockheed Martin Compact Fusion Reactor Update with Video of Technical Presentation made at Princeton >>
* Electronic Noise Is Drowning Out the Internet of Things >>
* Google Introduces Project Sunroof >>

* 10 technologies, 35 people, and 50 companies that are especially important. >>
* Black Phosphorus Takes a Step Toward CMOS >>
* Using Deep Learning to Make Video Surveillance Smarter >>

* Physicists Solve the Mystery of Interleaved Phone Books >>
* Intel and Google Voltron Their 3D Cameras Into a Single Smartphone >>
* Google Wants To Speed Up Your Internet With Onhub Wi-fi Router >>

* Holy Grail of Superconductors Could Revolutionize Electronics >>
* Ibm Chips Could Make Your Smartphone Think Like A Mouse >>
* Europe’s First Farmers Were Shockingly Violent >>

* Fall Movie Guide: 30 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies To Watch Out For >>
* A New Way To Identify Microbes Of Interest >>
* America’s giant robot needs funding to fight Japanese rival >>

* OnHub is a smart WiFi router from Google and TP-Link >>

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