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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 18 August 2015

* Dna Can Store Your Digital Data For Up To 2,000 Years >>
* Microsoft Wants To Put Windows 10 On Every Connected Gadget >>

* Physicists Solve the Mystery of Interleaved Phone Books >>
* IBM’s ‘Rodent Brain’ Chip Could Make Our Phones Hyper-Smart >>
* Android M’s name is Marshmallow, and it’s version 6.0 >>

* RE.WORK Deep Learning Summit 2016 >>
* Google Launches ‘project Sunroof’ To Show Where Solar Energy Works Best >>
* Google’s Project Sunroof Wants To Help You Go Solar >>
* Google’s making it easy for you to get solar panels onto your roof >>

* Software That Learns To Drift Could Teach Autonomous Cars To Drive Like Ken Block >>
* This GPS Speaks In a Child’s Voice Near Schools To Make Drivers More Careful >>
* This drone can steal data while hovering above your office >>

* 3D-Printed Plastic Sensor Could Make Siri a Better Listener >>
* China DF-5B liquid-fuel ICBM ‘can hit any target on Earth’ >>
* Watch a Boston Dynamics humanoid robot wander around outside >>

* Google has a cool new wearable, but it’s not for consumers >>
* Forgetful scientists accidentally quadruple lithium-ion battery lifespan >>
* Report: 50 million devices now run Windows 10 >>

* This is What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Exercising >>
* The 12 disruptive tech trends you need to know >>
* Egyptian Teenager Creates Next-Generation Quantum Space Propulsion System >>

* Security News This Week: US Admits It Uses Predictions, Not Data, to Blacklist Flyers >>
* Distant “young Jupiter” could shed light on how solar system formed >>
* Robots Attend School Alongside Aussie Kids >>

* Air Traffic Control Is Getting A Much-Needed Upgrade >>
* “We’re Creating A Jaw-Dropping New World”: More Details About Disney’s Star Wars Land >>
* Apollo Astronaut Says UFOs Came to Prevent Nuclear War >>

* Robin Farmanfarmaian – The Era Of The Patient >>
* 11 Companies Leading the 3D Bioprinting Space >>

* Glass paint could keep metal roofs and other structures cool even on sunny days >>
* Step Inside the Virtual Universe—How VR Will Transform the Web >>

* Advanced Mobility Through Design >>
* Gone in 8 months: What Earth produces in a year >>
* Robot ‘mother’ builds babies that can evolve >>

* Apple TV release date: What to expect >>
* 27 movies you have to see this fall >>
* Intelligence linked to physical performance in middle age, study shows >>

* Body clock controls waking up and going to sleep with simple mechanism >>
* The world’s first electrically powered optical nanoantenna >>
* Andromeda Rising over the Alps >>

* How DNA Could Replace Hard Drives >>
* Forbes covers repeated failure of Blacklight Power to commercialize and cites Nextbigfuture >>
* Why Email Is Broken—and What Will Replace It >>

* Step Inside the Virtual Universe—How VR Will Transform the Web >>
* Russian Builder of T-14 Armata claims it has radar and infrared invisibility >>
* Understanding The Future Of Mobility >>

* Wild Inflatable Space Elevator Idea Could Lift People 12 Miles Up >>
* NASA Extracting Tanks from Retired Shuttle Endeavour for Use on Space Station >>
* Solar electric sports car design with unlimited daylight hour range >>

* What Happens To Your Checked Luggage At The Airport >>

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