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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 16 August 2015

* Canadian Inflated tower would be 20 times taller than any current skyscrape >>
* Did Elon Musk build a space exploration programme? >>
* Disney Announces Star Wars-Themed Attractions, Thereby Ensuring Force Will Be With Us All >>

* A new age of transportation is upon us and it’s self-driving >>
* Scientists Use Bioengineered Yeast Instead of Poppies to Make Opioids >>
* Gene therapy cures blindness by replacing vision cells in eyes >>

* The Room with the Weakest Magnetic Field on Earth >>
* New approach kills cancer cells’ defence >>
* Cells that re-generate liver without cancer risk >>

* Apple car clues emerge from letter to test facility >>
* The Big Picture; Explosions shock China’s Tianjin port >>
* Xbox One-Windows 10 streaming has hidden ‘Very High Quality’ option >>

* China could build floating airstrips three times longer than US aircraft carrier by using oil platform technology and modular construction can go bigger >>
* US Air Force combat lasers for both burning out sensors and AC-130 gunships within two years and then laser pods for other aircraft >>
* Optical chip allows for reprogramming quantum computer in seconds >>

* 4-D Light Field Displays Are Exactly What Virtual Reality Needs >>
* Video Friday: Erica the Android, Autonomous Drifting, and Birds Don’t Like Drones >>

* Microresonators: Transmitting 40 Communication Channels with One Laser >>
* Tesla Hands Self-Driving Technology to Select Customers >>

* British Highway Will Recharge Your Batteries as You Drive >>
* Magnetic field 100 times strongest magnets made with lasers and Superfluid gas >>
* Google Research Boosts Deep Learning Detection with GPUs >>

* The Coming Wave of Bionic Hearing Gadgets >>
* Reprogrammable optic chip has complete flexibility in processing of photons and is a pathway to quantum computing >>
* Perseid meteor shower >>

* Chinese ‘Unmanned Factory’ Replaces 600 Humans With 60 Robots >>
* How Tiny Ribbons of Graphene Could Power a Faster Transistor >>
* Scalable Production for Graphene Nanoribbons Boosts Potential in Electronics >>

* Watch The Navy’s Amphibious Drone Land On The Sea >>
* The Navy Built an Algorithm That Predicts Pirates’ Behavior Before an Attack >>
* Volkswagen Built A Prototype Self-driving Stroller…Maybe >>

* Vail Debuts Internet Of Things-enabled Ski Slopes >>
* Scientists Have Hacked Yeast to Produce Narcotics >>
* Firefox private browsing test keeps more of your data off-limits >>

* Microsoft works on an app that reads the news to you >>
* History and Future of Floating airports and modular Floating Cities >>
* Trans fats, but not saturated fats, linked to greater risk of death and heart disease >>

* Newly discovered brain network recognizes what’s new, what’s familiar >>
* Helping Siri hear you in a party >>
* Alphabet: the Singularity company >>

* Humanity has consumed all of Earth’s resources for 2015 >>
* NASA Commissions Ultra High Temp Chips for Venus Landsailing Rover >>
* Company in Canada gets U.S. patent for space elevator >>

* XKCD Author’s New Unpublished Book Becomes Scientific Best-Seller >>

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