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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 12 August 2015

* iSkin sensors turn your arm into a touch-screen remote control >>
* Google Launches Zync Visual Effects Renderer On Google Cloud Platform >>

* Sketchfab Adds Animations To Its 3D Model Sharing Platform >>
* Pixar will open-source the code for a key movie-making tool >>

* War in space isn’t considered fantasy anymore >>
* Google’s new Alphabet: What it means for competitors >>
* Windows 10’s user share suggests 45M devices are running the new OS >>

* Google Creates Alphabet, but Runs Into BMW >>
* With Alphabet, Google wants to avoid becoming Microsoft >>
* MIT Has Plans for a Real ARC Fusion Reactor >>

* Darting eyes in REM sleep are seeing objects in your dreams >>
* 3-D-Printed Device Helps Computers Solve Cocktail-Party Problem >>
* Depth Sensor Could Bring Kinect Games Outdoors >>

* Made In Space Breakthrough Allows 3D Printing in the Vacuum of Space, Away from ISS >>
* WASP Makes Progress on House 3D Printing With Modular Printed Reinforced Concrete Beams >>
* Foldable glass >>
* Lightning Can Warp Rocks at Their Core >>

* With virtual reality, a 360-degree view inside Syria >>
* The crazy way Google X wants to bring clean energy to the masses >>

* Microsoft Xbox exec: Gaming is ‘critical’ to the success of Windows 10 >>
* 3 scientists have a brilliant plan to prevent what Bill Gates calls biggest threat to globe >>

* New technique to map human brain in finer detail >>
* Gnip Launches Full-Archive Search API, Instant Access To 9 Years Of Tweets >>
* Firefox 40 Arrives With Windows 10 Support, Expanded Malware Protection >>

* NASA wants more ideas for its low-cost CubeSat nanosatellites >>
* In The Age of Disruption, Customer Love Is More Important Than Ever >>

* IBM DeepCurrent Predicts Environmental Changes in 3-D >>
* Microsoft Releases Windows 10 IoT Core For Small, Embedded Devices >>
* Pushbullet adds end-to-end encryption for SMS, notification mirroring >>

* The Worst Bugs in Windows 10 and How to Fix Them >>
* Why IBM Just Bought Billions of Medical Images for Watson to Look At >>
* Emotions Directly Influence Learning and Memory Processes >>

* How We Could Detect an Alien Apocalypse From Earth >>
* A 3D-Printed Electric Violin Sounds as Good as the Real Thing >>
* I took Seagate’s new 2TB Xbox drive and filled it with Steam games >>

* A Blue Moon Halo over Antarctica >>
* Dramatic Outburst at Rosetta’s Comet Just Days Before Perihelion >>
* Asteroid Mining May Be a Reality by 2025 >>

* NASA Offers Rocket Rides for Tiny Cubesats >>
* The Brain is Not as Compact as Previously Thought >>
* Our early solar system may have been home to a fifth giant planet >>

* Salim Ismail; Are Already Gods, We Might As Well Start Acting As Such >>
* New design could finally help to bring fusion power closer to reality >>
* World’s biggest telescope to give scientists a window to the Sun >>

* Windows 10 leader Joe Belfiore to speak at Ignite NZ in Auckland >>
* Drones getting in way of US emergency workers >>
* Everything You Should Read About Alphabet And Google >>

* The World’s 25 Most Impressive Megaprojects >>
* Animating clothes is tricky, unless you teach animations to dress themselves >>
* The robots helping clean up Sellafield’s nuclear waste >>

* Fading cosmos quantified in 21 colours >>
* ‘Car-in-a-bag’ created in Japan >>

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