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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 11 August 2015

* Could This Liver Drug Slow Down Parkinson’s Disease? >>
* Tiny Metal ‘pillars’ Survive 1,100 Degrees Celsius >>
* The future of cars is smart, not autonomous >>

* Google Will Soon Bring Metal-Like, Low-Overhead Graphics API To Android >>
* Google to support new Vulkan 3D rendering API in Android >>

* Virtual reality video project will immerse you in space >>
* A $20,000 contest for smart ideas: 3 videos to inspire your submission >>
* Android users can fire Google Now and replace it with Cortana >>

* Where’s the Affordable Carbon Fiber Automobile? >>
* Smarter Smartphone Alerts Come In When You Want Them >>
* Autonomous Submarine Prowls The Ocean Floor >>

* Artificial intelligence will make religion obsolete within our lifetime >>
* See Through Walls by the Glow of Your Wi-Fi >>
* Supercomputer Network Simulates Material That Might Not Melt in a Sunspot >>

* Compact tokamak design with stronger 23 tesla superconducting magnets could boost fusion power by ten times >>
* Australia working on reusable rockets and hypersonic spaceplanes for small satellites >>

* As Intel co-founder’s law slows, a rethinking of the chip is needed >>
* Poll: Do You Think Our Universe Is a Simulation? >>
* Astronauts Snack on Space-Grown Lettuce for First Time >>

* SpaceVR Kickstarter Project Aims to Put Virtual-Reality Camera in Space >>
* Novel material design for undistorted light waves >>
* Super-small needle technology for the brain >>

* A new look at superfluidity >>
* Scientists discover secret to live beyond 100 >>
* Karate kid attempts to break board to earn his taekwondo belt with funny outcome >>

* Why we really should ban autonomous weapons: a response >>
* A Flyover Of The Surface Of Mars, Rendered From Images Taken By An Orbiting Spacecraft >>
* $115K! The 13 best-paying U.S. companies >>

* Watch the sheer joy of astronauts eating the first ever space-grown lettuce >>
* Google Loon Launcher and ballon to balloon communication >>
* Composing Music With Recurrent Neural Networks >>

* Russia developing airship radar for anti-missile operations >>
* The Next Great GMO Debate >>
* MIT Robot Steals Human Brains to Help It Balance >>

* SC15 Kickstarter is Live! >>
* New Horizons Co-Investigator Dr. Ralph McNutt to Present SC15 Keynote >>
* Gene-Editing Startup Raises $120 Million to Apply CRISPR to Medicine >>

* Google Creates Alphabet, A New Umbrella Company For A “Slimmed-down Google” >>
* Google Creates Alphabet, a New Company to Rule Them All >>
* Google creates company Alphabet, names new CEO >>

* A Team Of Mit Bartender Robots Serves Beer More Efficiently >>
* Samsung’s 256-gigabit chip puts multi-terabyte flash drives in your PC >>
* ‘Universe is slowly dying’ >>

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