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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 8 August 2015

* Watch This Human-Controlled Robot Crush Cans And Punch Through Drywall >>
* Researchers Teach Robots To Avoid Childhood Bullies >>
* Artificial intelligence decodes Islamic State strategy >>

* A Computer That Can Sniff Out Septic Shock >>
* Radical Life extension, birthrates and different world populatin scenarios to 2100 >>
* Graphene Offers Promise of Thermoelectric Material for Next-Generation Vehicles >>

* Ampliflying Light 10,000 Times >>
* Astronomy Picture of the Day >>
* The Big Picture; 70 years after the atomic bombs >>

* Scientists reveal secrets for reaching age 100 (or more) >>
* Cheap, power-efficient flash memory for big data without sacrificing speed >>
* Children Beating Up Robot Inspires New Escape Maneuver System >>

* Got Sleep Problems? Try Tracking Your Rest with Radar. >>
* Move over, autonomous AI weapons, there’s a new risk in town: ‘gene drives’ >>

* Virtual Reality Is the Ultimate Empathy Machine >>
* How the US Military Helped Invent Cheetos >>
* How Virtual Reality Can Unleash the Greatest Wave of Creativity in Human History >>
* Stars Wander Far From Home – Here’s How We Know | Video >>

* Boozy Ice Cream Is the Best Ice Cream >>
* How Do Plants Grow In Zero Gravity? >>
* Farthest galaxy found – its 13.2 billion light years away >>

* Eating white bread, rice ups depression risk in women >>

* The Japanese Have Just Perfected The Skateboard >>
* Fastest ever neutrino among slew of fresh findings >>
* FX boss: There’s ‘too much television’ >>

* Fly over the strange white spots in space that have ‘puzzled’ NASA scientists >>
* This new website showed me what I would look like if I worked out >>
* Clot-busting nanocapsule could ‘revolutionize stroke and heart attack treatment’ >>

* Facebook data set shows users ‘haha’ more than they ‘lol’ >>
* Virtual reality training might not just be for athletes >>
* Media and pay-TV company stocks struggle >>

* Hacking a computer-aided sniper rifle >>
* Some STIs Are Beneficial, and May Have Boosted Evolutionary Promiscuity >>
* Cancer Research Gets A Better Look At ‘zombie Cells’ >>

* A giant crane lifting a huge crane lifting a big crane lifting a crane >>
* Astronauts Will Eat Space Lettuce For The First Time Next Week >>
* Mit Makes A Robot With Human Reflexes >>

* Stunning Video Of Mars From Orbit >>
* ‘tidal Fence’ Will Harness The Power Of The Surf >>
* Researchers Found A Way To Erase Memories Of Meth In Mice >>

* Brain-scanning Software Blocks Your Notifications While You’re Busy >>
* Drones Could Hack Wireless Networks As They Fly Overhead >>
* Wave goodbye to manual car seat controls with gesture tech >>

* Samsung, Nokia Show 5G Tech at NI Week >>
* How aging cripples the immune system >>
* New Nanoscale Programmable Memristive Switches from DARPA >>

* Researchers Teach Robots To Avoid Childhood Bullies >>
Drones get bad cell service, but an old ambulance will help >>
* This Chemistry 3D Printer Can Synthesize Molecules From Scratch >>

* Pocket-sized personal transporters >>
* A Security Scanner for Human Vulnerabilities >>
* Astronomer Uses Stars as Musical Instruments >>

* A Quicker Way to Pair Smartphones: Shake Them >>
* US Military Awards New Contracts for XS-1 Space Plane >>
* Oddball Asteroid Outcasts Spied by Infrared Space Telescope >>

* All NFL Players Are Getting RFID Chips This Season >>
* Radical Life extension, birthrates and different world populatin scenarios to 2100 >>
* Space Mining Is Closer Than You Think, And The Prospects Are Great >>

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