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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 7 August 2015

* ‘Oculus Cinema’ will let friends watch movies ‘together’ >>
* Tesla’s Robotic Metal Snake Charger Is “For Realz” >>
* 3D printed model shows how to store wind energy in gravity >>

* Ibm’s Watson Will Soon Be Able To See >>
* Is the smartwatch becoming a remote for the smart home? >>
* Scientists identify source of liver stem cells >>

* Scientists Have Grown Human Serotonin Neurons in the Lab >>
* US Military months from testing a Non-lethal sonic weapon that is reminiscent of Star Wars >>

* Planet Earth Shines in Weather Satellite’s 1st Photo from Space >>
* The Internet could end up like TV >>

* ‘Mars is good for rocket fuel but it’s not suited for life’ >>
* New GPS monitoring devices will track Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers >>

* Researchers Hack A Model S, Tesla Sends Out Over The Air Fix >>
* How the TV show in Xbox One exclusive ‘Quantum Break’ works >>

* Your Medical Records May Unlock Disease Secrets for All >>
* Why Windows 10 isn’t really free: The subtle new world of built-in costs >>
* New Website Wants Your Speech Mistakes >>

* Police technology | First responder solutions with drone technology >>
* Police technology | The intelligent command center >>
* Police technology | Emerging technology helping officers stay safe >>
* Motorola: High-tech future for police includes smartbelts and drones >>

* Teaching Machines to Understand Us >>
* A fast, accurate, nanoscale ‘biochemical nose’ sensor >>
* This Toy Dinosaur Uses IBM’s Watson as a Brain >>

* Teach Your Robot to Do the Dishes >>
* Fly Over Ceres’ Mysterious Mountain and Bright Spots in Incredible Video >>
* The 6 Most Earth-like Alien Planets >>

* Navy targets FY2019 for field testing ten shot per minute railgun and FY2018 for 100-150 kw laser tests >>
* All optical communications could become over ten times faster with optical transistors 5000 times faster than silicon >>
* Could the new Intel Micron 3D Xpoint be a breakthrough form of Phase Change Memory ? >>

* Simple Device Could Convert DC Electric Field To Terahertz Radiation >>
* Escape Dynamics Microwave launch designs and technical details >>
* The MIND diet may slow brain aging by 7.5 years >>

* The proposed ban on offensive autonomous weapons is unrealistic and dangerous >>
* Who Needs Real Friends When Robots Will Play Nintendo With You >>
* Mainframe Computers That Handle Our Most Sensitive Data Are Open to Internet Attacks >>

* Tiny Glue Guns to Patch Surgical Holes >>
* Smart Windows Just Got Cooler >>
* Scientists In The United Kingdom Are ‘fingerprinting’ Stolen Rocks >>

* This Small Radar Device Can Track Your Sleeping Patterns >>
* Will This Adorable Patrol Robot Ever Find What It’s Looking For? >>
* America Reflects On The Bomb, 70 Years After Hiroshima >>

* Your Fingerprint Could Be Stolen Remotely If Your Android Phone Has A Scanner >>
* AIDS? Ebola? Nah – ELECTRO SMOG is our ‘biggest problem’, says Noel Edmonds >>

* SpaceX’s New Hangar Is Looking Good >>
* Fancy 10 Gbps home broadband? Broadcom’s built the guts of it >>
* Smart Road Studs >>

* Printable holograms could make holograms more widespread >>
* NASA’s Robot to Build Biggest Ever Composite Rocket Parts >>
* Dogfights in Star Wars: Battlefront are a disorienting mess >>

* Au unnaturale: why CGI nudity is here to stay >>
* How baseball’s tech team built the future of television >>
* Gamescom 2015: The biggest Xbox, PlayStation, and Blizzard news from Germany >>

* Making Robots Talk to Each Other >>
* What happens when you throw a camera into a black hole? >>
* Android security breach puts millions at risk of smartphone hijacking >>

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