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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 6 August 2015

* From a Million Miles Away, NASA Camera Shows Moon Crossing Face of Earth >>
* Star Wars: Battlefront gets 20-player aerial combat >>
* Graava is a new action camera that does the editing for you >>

* Prison walls are no match for drone deliveries >>
* Which water technology will save California from its long, dry death? >>

* Introducing the world’s first working hoverboard >>
* Sleeping on your side may clear waste from your brain most effectively >>

* How robot hands can use the environment to manipulate objects >>
* This web game shows you why self-driving cars are better >>
* Google And MIT Researchers Demo An Algorithm That Lets You Take Clear Photos Through Reflections >>

* Active Girls Less Likely To Die From Cancer Later >>
* FDA Approves First 3-D Printed Pill >>
* Your pet dog’s brain scans faces like humans do >>

* Nasa robot to build biggest rocket parts for Mars mission >>
* Jupiter can help decode Earth’s weather system better >>
* Why women freeze in offices, while men chill >>

* Hoverboard takes flight >>
* Xbox at Gamescom 2015: a recap of Microsoft’s strong showing >>
* Netflix Announces Its New ‘Unlimited’ Maternity And Paternity Leave Program >>

* Windows 10 must win in mobile >>
* Microsoft to update Xbox One consoles with Windows 10 core in November >>
* Making Ideas Tangible: How 3D Printers Will Transform the Classroom >>

* Is It Really So Bad If We Prefer Virtual Reality to Reality? >>
* Physicists announce graphene’s latest cousin: stanene >>
* Silver-based microparticles in bottle plastic extends shelf life from seven to 15 days >>

* Can we reverse the ageing process by putting young blood into older people? >>
* Handy Device Shows Where Patient’s Veins Are Located >>
* Integrated radar, sensors, flight automation and easy flight control software needed for drones to operate against actual air defenses >>

* A New Spin on Silicon >>
* Google to Startups: (Mostly) Free Patents Here! >>
* Teach Your Robot to Do the Dishes >>

* Heating and cooling genetic samples with light leads to ultrafast DNA diagnostics >>
* A precision brain-controlled prosthesis nearly as good as one-finger typing >>
* Unlikely graphene-nanotube combination forms high-speed digital switch >>

* Predictive Model Identifies Patients Who Might Go Into Septic Shock >>
* A Ban On Autonomous Killer Robots Is Inevitable >>
* A New Kind Of Brain Scan Can See Your Pain, Literally >>

* The Future of Rail Travel—and Why It Doesn’t Look Like Hyperloop >>
* Airbus Patented A Hypersonic Rocket-powered Jetliner >>
* Streaming Video Startup Pluto TV Nabs Spotify’s Chief Content Officer >>

* World’s smallest working circular saw was 3D printed >>
* Google Slides Now Lets You Present From Your Android Device To Hangouts Video Calls >>
* 10 things you need to know about Intel’s new 6th-gen Skylake CPU >>

* Gamescom 2015: the 8 most important Xbox announcements >>
* MH370: Reunion debris is from missing plane >>
* Video: ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ takes to skies >>

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