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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 5 August 2015

* Airbus patents mach 4.5 passenger jet >>
* 3D Computer Interfaces Will Amaze—Like Going From DOS to Windows >>

* 3-D printed brain ’tissue’ to help combat disease >>
* Apple denies reports of mobile carrier plans >>
* Flying a Robot Into the Volcanoes on the Dark Side of the Moon >>

* How to Customize the Windows 10 Start Menu >>
* Thought-controlled prosthetic will allow your brain to type >>
* The Only Person In Tech Today Who Seems As Smart And Ambitious As Bill Gates >>

* What We Want From The New Apple Tv >>
* Watch The Big Xbox Gamescom Conference Live, Right Here >>
* Here’s the First 3D-Printed Drug to Get FDA Approval >>

* Four Technologies That Could Let Humans Survive Environmental Disaster >>
* This Robot Is a Loom For Weaving Carbon Fiber Into Rocket Parts >>
* Windows 10 Is Coming to Xbox One in November >>

* US govt has found a use for 3D printing: DRUGS! >>
* Making Robots Talk to Each Other >>
* High-Performance Single-Molecule Diode that outperforms the best of its predecessors by a factor of 50. >>

* Ballistic Missiles with tungsten flechette kinetic energy warheads >>
* USA Increasing hypersonic weapons program funding again to try to get to deployable weapons early in 2020s >>
* Solution-based Process Could Produce Tuned Graphene in Bulk >>

* NASA Asteroid-Sampling Mission Being Readied for 2016 Launch >>
* Fly Over Martian ‘Ancient Atlantis’ From Orbiting Stereo Camera | Video >>
* Early Earth –“Evidence Discovered of First Reproduction in Complex Organisms” >>

* Neutron Star Jets Near Speed of Light –“Rival Those of Black Holes” >>
* NASA Robot Will Spin Huge Rocket Parts Of Carbon Fiber | Video >>
* Rosetta’s Comet Nears Perihelion >>

* Colossal Ring of Galaxies –“Largest Object in the Universe Spans 5 Billion Light Years!” >>
* ‘Gene drive’: Scientists sound alarm over supercharged GM organisms which could spread in the wild and cause environmental disasters >>
* Young dads at greater risk of death in middle age, study suggests >>

* New ‘drug-entrapped’ artificial blood vessels stay clot-free >>
* How ‘Bad’ Fat Can Turn Into ‘Good’ Fat >>
* A new startup Helix will build a mattress customised for both you and your partner for under $1,000 >>

* The Xbox One is about to make it so you never have to use your cable box again >>
* International Windows 10 Desktop, Laptop Users: Cortana Workaround >>
* Experts Claim Sex With ‘Virtual Reality’ Partners With Be The New Normal In 50 Years >>

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