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Futureseek Daily Link Review; 30 July 2015

* Nuclear Thermal Turbo Rocket with supercharged air augmentation >>
* Japan’s NTT to put home care robot’s in the homes of the elderly >>
* Researchers engineered a protein factory inside a living cell for the first time >>

* How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Drugs Better And Faster >>
* Half of Biomedical Research Studies Don’t Stand Up to Scrutiny >>
* Japanese Telecom Companies Are Having a Robot Showdown >>

* The Most Important Movie of 2015 Is a VR Cartoon About a Hedgehog >>
* A Programming Language For Robot Swarms >>
* Nuclear Thermal Turbo Rocket with supercharged air augmentation >>

* Google App Puts Neural Networks on Your Phone to Translate Signs Offline >>
* The brain’s got rhythm >>

* How Stem Cells May Save Your Life—and Even Extend It >>
* Oculus Rift is letting travellers experience destinations in a whole new way before they visit >>

* Babies’ social skills linked to learning second language >>
* Plants send animal-like signals when under threat >>
* Smeg’s Newest Wall Ovens Hide Your Messes >>

* Inside the world’s quietest room >>
* GE describes its vision of next generation robots >>
* Subway Teams Up With PayPal On Mobile Payments >>

* Google search now helps users avoid long lines >>
* Search for Alien Life Ignites Battle over Giant Telescope >>
* Hackers take control of smart car via the internet >>

* As Tech Booms, Workers Turn to Coding for Career Change >>
* US Navy will field 100 kilowatt or stronger lasers and ten shot per minute railguns by 2020 >>
* We Should Not Ban ‘Killer Robots,’ and Here’s Why >>

* First MERS vaccine to be tested in monkeys shows promise >>
* Gene Mutation Early In Life Tied To Schizophrenia >>
* Drone Delivery Wouldn’t Mess Up Blood Samples >>

* Oculus premieres ‘Henry,’ a warm and fuzzy intro to virtual reality films >>
* Intel and Micron 3D XPoint Memory Kicks Off A Revolution >>
* Japanese scientists fire the world’s most powerful laser >>

* VR Chat Room AltspaceVR Raises $10.3M To Sell Virtual Events >>
* Japan’s NTT to put home care robot’s in the homes of the elderly >>
* What 3D XPoint says about the PC of the future >>

* Windows 10 launches with its fair share of bugs >>
* How to Do a Clean Install of Windows 10 >>
* Smart mirror monitors your face for telltale signs of disease >>

* Found! The Missing Piece in a Long-Standing Milky Way Puzzle >>
* Nova Blast Site Reveals Lithium In Astronomical First | Video >>
* NASA’s Next Megarocket Could Launch Mission to Europa >>

* Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Crash Traced to Co-Pilot Error >>
* How ‘A Pac-Man’ Satellite Will Gobble Up Space Debris | Video >>
* When Innovation Fails >>

* Why Automated Cars Need New Traffic Laws >>
* Solar Cells Could Capture Infrared Rays for More Power >>
* Intel and Micron Announce “Revolutionary” Mystery Memory >>

* 10 Facts Everyone Should Know About Dark Matter >>
* Package Delivery by Drone >>

* How to Help Self-Driving Cars Make Ethical Decisions >>
* Drone Control: Here’s How Amazon Thinks Drones Should Fit Into U.S. Airspace >>
* A Health-Tracking App You Might Actually Stick With >>

* A Sensor for Logging People Traffic at the Gym or Café >>
* Non-volatile memory, 1000 times faster, 10 times denser than NAND Flash memory >>
* A simulated robot with bacterial brain >>

* How hybrid solar-cell materials may capture more solar energy >>
* Amazon Lays Out Its Vision for a Sky Thronging with Delivery Drones >>
* Google Translate Adds 20 Languages To Augmented Reality >>

* Why the Argument Against a Ban on Autonomous Killer Robots Falls Flat >>
* Japan Is a Sunkissed Paradise In This 4K Drone Footage >>
* Samsung sensor puts 16-megapixel cameras into slim phones >>

* MIT researchers figure out how to break Tor anonymity without cracking encryption >>
* MobileBeat 2015: How much do you drive a mobile-centric mentality across the organization? >>
* This Dutch windwheel holds 72 apartments and could power an entire town >>

* The Story Of Windows 10 From Inside Microsoft >>
* Windows 10 launch is a ‘new era’, says Microsoft boss >>

* This ultra-advanced luxury car feature is on affordable cars now >>
* Google’s Project Loon will cover the entirety of Sri Lanka with internet coverage >>
* Aurora found around brown dwarf beyond our Solar System >>

* How Do Ultra-Dense Galaxies Form? | Simulation >>
* How to Help Self-Driving Cars Make Ethical Decisions >>
* Scientists successfully edit human immune-system T cells >>

* Keeping a Steadier Eye on Proteins >>
* A scientist found a way to dry clothes using barely any energy >>
* Google is combining still images from Street View to animate real life >>

* It only took 2 weeks for the world’s most dangerous hacking forum to get back online after the FBI shut it down >>
* ‘Trillion-Dollar Asteroid’ Zooms by Earth as Scientists Watch (Video) >>
* The Military Will Test a New Terrifyingly Loud Noise Gun >>

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